Just DubsDub is a slang word that means win and is short for the letter W.

W  →   Double-U   →   Dubble-U   →   Dub.

Got it?

As Believers, Jesus Christ is our reigning Team Captain and MVP.

By dying on the cross to save us from our sins, Jesus guaranteed that He would never be defeated. After we accept Him in our lives, we automatically become a member of His team, and get the privilege and destiny of victory in every situation we face, but only through His lead and direction.

Playbooks are critical for a team to achieve victory. And the best players are prepared by knowing the plays in advance, so the response comes almost automatically. Whether it’s offensive or defensive moves, precautions, or specifically directed executions, we have a spiritual Playbook available to us through God’s Holy Word.

So, we have a choice:  we can do things our way and experience the agony of defeat, or we use the ultimate Playbook – the Holy Bible – for all the information, direction, guidance, and strategy that will result in our victory.

We are not left to figure out this life on our own. Join Destined 4 the Dub as we study our divinely-inspired Playbook, so that we can live our best lives, and get the Dub every time!