My Jumbled Thoughts on Race – Am I Really Made in His Image?

Each week I marvel at the evolution of this blog. I first started this journey sharing about the challenges and triumphs my family was experiencing through our sports-driven reality, but as we march further into 2020, we’ve been going deeper into topics that I never imagined I’d be writing about in this setting. I certainly … Continue reading My Jumbled Thoughts on Race – Am I Really Made in His Image?

Why I’m Letting Go

This weekend I was able to enjoy some 1-on-1 time with Kennedi, as we attended an HBCU College Fair. Even though she’s a Freshman, I thought it would be worthwhile to expose her to some options along with the regional universities she has expressed an interest in (like University of Maryland, University of Delaware, and … Continue reading Why I’m Letting Go

When Prayers Go Unanswered

We just hit the 6-month mark since Kennedi’s injury. She has been making amazing progress and her doctor and physical therapists say she’s right on track with her recovery. And then… an errant serve during Volleyball practice hit her in the back of her knee. Just a few hours earlier, she had been interviewed by … Continue reading When Prayers Go Unanswered