Teaching a Significant Life Lesson to My Daughter – Resiliency

After experiencing a difficult season, I share how I taught my daughter resilience in facing the tough times in life that we all must encounter.

When a Mother’s Dreams Go Unfulfilled and Prayers Appear to be Unanswered

I started questioning myself – did I really trust God, or was my trust in Him confined to what I wanted Him to do for me and my family?

A Story of Heartbreak, A Story of Disappointment, A Story of Loss, A Story That is Still Being Told…

A few days ago I was talking to my youngest daughter, Kassadi, about all the changes we’ve experienced over the past year. She commented how hard it was to believe how different things were now than from the beginning of last year. It reminds me of the book title, The Interruption of Everything by TerryContinue reading “A Story of Heartbreak, A Story of Disappointment, A Story of Loss, A Story That is Still Being Told…”

Ready or Not, It’s Coming…

Last week we entered the final quarter of 2019. At this time of year, goal-conscientious people usually start assessing their progress against the targets they set out for in the beginning of the year. Businesses start evaluating their metrics to gauge how their year-end numbers are tracking. How are you making out so far? HaveContinue reading “Ready or Not, It’s Coming…”

ENCORE – How Can You Expect Me to Be Thankful?

In celebration of the re-branding of Destined 4 the Dub, and to welcome our new followers, this week we are featuring an encore of our very 1st blog! The story of the injury that changed our entire family, that paved the way for Destined 4 the Dub! I was going to re-use the stock photo from myContinue reading “ENCORE – How Can You Expect Me to Be Thankful?”

Peace for the Unknown Road Ahead

As we prepare to close out 2018, I reflected on some of the lessons learned and changes we experienced this year. After we left the Jr. Olympics competition with no medals or All-American honors for the 1st time in 7 years, I realized I was a changed person on so many levels. I was oneContinue reading “Peace for the Unknown Road Ahead”

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