Are You Properly Charged For Today? Or Are You Still Drained From Yesterday?

My daughter Kennedi closed out 2019 by attending the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ (FCA) Leadership Camp. It was an absolutely amazing camp (her words) held at the ridiculously awesome sports facility in Lancaster, PA, called the Spooky Nook. During the camp, the attendees were given a guide about the importance of morning quiet time withContinue reading “Are You Properly Charged For Today? Or Are You Still Drained From Yesterday?”

How Do I Know God Will Heal Me?

I struggled with writing last week’s blog. On Monday I received a praise report that a family friend was in remission after her bout with cancer. Then on Tuesday I received news that a close family member had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. It was a very emotional experience sharing my testimonyContinue reading “How Do I Know God Will Heal Me?”

Why Me (or Them) Lord?

CANCER. The very word seems to grip us in our hearts and snatch our breath away. I know that’s what happened when my younger sister informed me that our other sister (and her twin) was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s hard to describe the feeling, it’s like your entire world momentarily stops as you processContinue reading “Why Me (or Them) Lord?”

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