When the Answer Devastates You

A friend once joked that all my blogs have happy endings. I don’t necessarily think that is true, as my life isn’t particularly always going in the direction I desire, but I do try to find the victory that is within everything I face. Or at least something to be thankful for. This is oneContinue reading “When the Answer Devastates You”

What Will Be Said About You Once You Have Left This Earth?

On Saturday, I attended the memorial service for a loved one. I chatted with relatives as we waited for the service to begin. After a while, my sister called me over, with a look of concern. I asked what was wrong, thinking something had happened to another family member. She shared that there was anContinue reading “What Will Be Said About You Once You Have Left This Earth?”

Have You Unwrapped Your Gift?

Have you ever bought a gift? Spent a considerable amount of time picking out the perfect gift for someone special – whether a significant other, parent, child, or friend – and they set it aside, not bothering to open it? Or worst yet, after opening it, by the look on their face, you can tellContinue reading “Have You Unwrapped Your Gift?”

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