When the Answer Devastates You

A friend once joked that all my blogs have happy endings. I don’t necessarily think that is true, as my life isn’t particularly always going in the direction I desire, but I do try to find the victory that is within everything I face. Or at least something to be thankful for. This is one … Continue reading When the Answer Devastates You

What Will Be Said About You Once You Have Left This Earth?

On Saturday, I attended the memorial service for a loved one. I chatted with relatives as we waited for the service to begin. After a while, my sister called me over, with a look of concern. I asked what was wrong, thinking something had happened to another family member. She shared that there was an … Continue reading What Will Be Said About You Once You Have Left This Earth?

Have You Unwrapped Your Gift?

Have you ever bought a gift? Spent a considerable amount of time picking out the perfect gift for someone special – whether a significant other, parent, child, or friend – and they set it aside, not bothering to open it? Or worst yet, after opening it, by the look on their face, you can tell … Continue reading Have You Unwrapped Your Gift?