Those Dreams for Your Future? It’s Planting Time

January is the usual time of year when people start planning and creating goals, making behavior and lifestyle adjustments to influence the change they want to see in their lives for the upcoming year. For many Believers, this month is a time of fasting, to deny ourselves of food, entertainment, and all those things we … Continue reading Those Dreams for Your Future? It’s Planting Time

What if God Had a Smartphone?

When I write, I want my words to be agents of change, causing my reader to re-think at least one aspect of their lives, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. A long time ago in math class I learned that even the tiniest change in the direction of a vector (in this … Continue reading What if God Had a Smartphone?

Carefully Choose What To Remember

After my alarm goes off each morning, there is but a flicker of time before I’m fully conscious, aware of my surroundings, my current predicament, and the condition of my soul. It is the absolute slightest moment of Zen – where my thoughts are untroubled, undisturbed, and unburdened. It is the moment before I recall … Continue reading Carefully Choose What To Remember

An Invitation for Reflection Instead of Distraction

Today is April Fools’ Day and yet, I don’t feel much like joking around. Some of us are dealing with family members and friends who have been affected by the coronavirus. Some of us are concerned about our loved ones working on the front line in healthcare. Others may be worried about providing for families … Continue reading An Invitation for Reflection Instead of Distraction

Who’s Writing Your Story?

After months of begging, I finally allowed my youngest daughter to watch the Netflix series, Stranger Things – but on one condition – that I watch it with her. Kennedi had warned of the language and other questionable content within the series, so I wasn’t completely in favor of Kassadi watching. But I guess she … Continue reading Who’s Writing Your Story?