Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?

Last December, we took our annual family trip to the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA. I had been waiting all year to finally see their production of Jesus. Several of my friends had went throughout the year, and each one had raved about how amazing it was. Finally, it was our turn. And … Continue reading Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?

Who’s Writing Your Story?

After months of begging, I finally allowed my youngest daughter to watch the Netflix series, Stranger Things – but on one condition – that I watch it with her. Kennedi had warned of the language and other questionable content within the series, so I wasn’t completely in favor of Kassadi watching. But I guess she … Continue reading Who’s Writing Your Story?

Why Me (or Them) Lord?

CANCER. The very word seems to grip us in our hearts and snatch our breath away. I know that’s what happened when my younger sister informed me that our other sister (and her twin) was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s hard to describe the feeling, it’s like your entire world momentarily stops as you process … Continue reading Why Me (or Them) Lord?