A Different Look at Death

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled series of Faith-Filled Moms because my friend Shari passed away from cancer less than twenty-four hours after my first guest blog about Faith-Filled Moms and Fighting Cancer was posted.  My friend had valiantly fought her sickness for years. She believed God was going to heal her. And so did I. WeContinue reading “A Different Look at Death”

I Don’t Like to Fight, But…

I just want to live in peace, with no conflict, perfectly calm and content. But unfortunately, that’s just not real life. Some of us have to fight – for our marriage, our children, our health, our finances, our mental stability, our career, our property… The list can go on and on. We are all onContinue reading “I Don’t Like to Fight, But…”

What Exactly Are You Celebrating? What is Christmas Really About?

Whether it’s due to the death of a loved one, illness, quarantine, travel restrictions, or gathering restrictions, Christmas will look different this year for many of us. Black Friday and the weeks after would usually bring the hustle and bustle of shopping for Christmas presents, attending Christmas parties, and participating in events to bless thoseContinue reading “What Exactly Are You Celebrating? What is Christmas Really About?”

Why Would You Keep This Amazing Knowledge to Yourself?

Not long ago, I was driving on the highway with the girls, and as I glanced in my rearview mirror, I saw an absolutely beautiful scene unfolding in the sky. As the sun was setting, pink and purple streaks lined the clouds. I’m an avid sky-watcher and when I see a magnificent sunrise or sunset,Continue reading “Why Would You Keep This Amazing Knowledge to Yourself?”

Is This What Winning Looks Like?

It’s hard to believe I’ve been sharing our stories to encourage readers for two years. What a journey – one I clearly didn’t expect to evolve this way. Milestones are an ideal time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In 2018, we kicked off the club track season fully expectingContinue reading “Is This What Winning Looks Like?”

My Next Step in Grief…and Healing

I was not going to write anything last week. But God… Since I started this blog, I had been faithfully posting midweek, but last Wednesday came and went and I didn’t have any words to give others. I think that Thursday was the first time I was out of bed before noon. I just wantedContinue reading “My Next Step in Grief…and Healing”

Are You Properly Charged For Today? Or Are You Still Drained From Yesterday?

My daughter Kennedi closed out 2019 by attending the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ (FCA) Leadership Camp. It was an absolutely amazing camp (her words) held at the ridiculously awesome sports facility in Lancaster, PA, called the Spooky Nook. During the camp, the attendees were given a guide about the importance of morning quiet time withContinue reading “Are You Properly Charged For Today? Or Are You Still Drained From Yesterday?”

The Day After…Did You Open All Your Gifts?

Another Christmas is in the books. What did the day really mean to you? Christmas signifies different things to different people – giving gifts, family, goodwill to others, celebrations, and the birth of Jesus. For many people it is a combination of multiple meanings. What was your primary focus for the day? Who or whatContinue reading “The Day After…Did You Open All Your Gifts?”

Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?

Last December, we took our annual family trip to the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA. I had been waiting all year to finally see their production of Jesus. Several of my friends had went throughout the year, and each one had raved about how amazing it was. Finally, it was our turn. AndContinue reading “Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?”

Who’s Writing Your Story?

After months of begging, I finally allowed my youngest daughter to watch the Netflix series, Stranger Things – but on one condition – that I watch it with her. Kennedi had warned of the language and other questionable content within the series, so I wasn’t completely in favor of Kassadi watching. But I guess sheContinue reading “Who’s Writing Your Story?”

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