Why Should I Hope? What Exactly is it Anyway?

Faith. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this concept is actually the foundation of this entire ministry and blog. Most of the stories I write about are rooted in faith – believing God for things that have not yet happened. Last night I started watching a series called Crazy Faith by Michael Todd. HeContinue reading “Why Should I Hope? What Exactly is it Anyway?”

Remaining Courageous While Waiting – Strength is Coming!

Many people don’t know, but one of my closest friends went into the hospital within 24 hours of my brother being admitted. We have been friends since I was in the 1st grade; she was a year older. As a child, I always looked up to her as my older, smarter, and more sophisticated friend.Continue reading “Remaining Courageous While Waiting – Strength is Coming!”

Talking to My Daughter About God and the Coronavirus

I was in my home office working, and my 12-year-old daughter came in and sat on my lap and hugged me. I’ve always loved when she sat on my lap like that – especially when she was younger, and I could just cuddle her. Now that she is taller than me, it’s a bit harderContinue reading “Talking to My Daughter About God and the Coronavirus”

Just Breathe – It’s Already Being Worked Out

If you can’t tell by now, today’s Play Prediction is my favorite scripture in the entire Bible. And that’s pretty significant, as there are so many scriptures that I love and lean on. But this one? When I’m feeling at my lowest, and things are looking really bad, Romans 8:28 has gotten me through almostContinue reading “Just Breathe – It’s Already Being Worked Out”

Content in the State I’m In (even when ready to move to a new state)

The last few months have been tough to endure. Indoor track season was fast and furious, and the track athletes that we are friends with were having amazing club and high school seasons. I followed their accomplishments, celebrating their success, while also battling my own personal disappointment that Kennedi couldn’t join them. Social media gotContinue reading “Content in the State I’m In (even when ready to move to a new state)”

Healing for a Broken Heart

This past week has been one of heartbreak.  A little over a week ago, my husband contacted me, letting me know that his Aunt Mable passed away. Kennedi had my phone when the message came through, and she just cried in my arms – her response to a broken heart. Kassadi had a similar reactionContinue reading “Healing for a Broken Heart”

The Journey from Test to Testimony

I didn’t want to blog I this week. I honestly didn’t even want to get out of bed for the last couple of days. After the multiple challenges I experienced immediately following last week’s blog, I was questioning if I should even continue with this. I think God decided it was testing time (yet again),Continue reading “The Journey from Test to Testimony”

Working Hard to Be Still

Each Wednesday, I feel a burden lift off me, at least for a day or two, as I feel like I’ve completed one of my ministry assignments after a blog is posted. Some weeks people will reach out and comment specifically on something I’ve written, and how it encouraged them, and other weeks it willContinue reading “Working Hard to Be Still”

No Longer Hoping, Now Expecting

Here we are, the beginning of a New Year. New Season. New Possibilities. New Hope. I was going through my file of medical receipts from 2018. As I grabbed the bulging envelope, my mind went back to January. We started off 2018 doing a Family Vision Board, the year full of excitement and promise. WeContinue reading “No Longer Hoping, Now Expecting”

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