A Different Look at Death

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled series of Faith-Filled Moms because my friend Shari passed away from cancer less than twenty-four hours after my first guest blog about Faith-Filled Moms and Fighting Cancer was posted.  My friend had valiantly fought her sickness for years. She believed God was going to heal her. And so did I. WeContinue reading “A Different Look at Death”

Just What Is God’s Strength?

As soon as I finished my last blog, I knew what I wanted to write about this week. Last week we discussed that when we courageously waited on the Lord, He would strengthen us. But what does that actually mean? What does God’s strength look like? Feel like? How does it help us when ourContinue reading “Just What Is God’s Strength?”

When a Setback Happens to be a Setup for Your Miracle

Today I’m sharing a story I still am in awe of and find it kind of surreal every time I talk about it. I refer to it as the Triple A Miracle – Amazing, Astonishing and Astounding If you’ve been following us since the beginning, you know that our initial blogs detailed Kennedi’s injury andContinue reading “When a Setback Happens to be a Setup for Your Miracle”

Either Trust Me, or Trust What You See

Just when things were going well…I’d been rejoicing that the tide was finally turning in our family’s favor, as it appeared that we’d finally won the faith fight concerning Kennedi’s injury. And I was steadily preparing for the next journey of faith, getting ready to take my Leap of Faith. And then I got suckerContinue reading “Either Trust Me, or Trust What You See”

Just Breathe – It’s Already Being Worked Out

If you can’t tell by now, today’s Play Prediction is my favorite scripture in the entire Bible. And that’s pretty significant, as there are so many scriptures that I love and lean on. But this one? When I’m feeling at my lowest, and things are looking really bad, Romans 8:28 has gotten me through almostContinue reading “Just Breathe – It’s Already Being Worked Out”

No Longer Hoping, Now Expecting

Here we are, the beginning of a New Year. New Season. New Possibilities. New Hope. I was going through my file of medical receipts from 2018. As I grabbed the bulging envelope, my mind went back to January. We started off 2018 doing a Family Vision Board, the year full of excitement and promise. WeContinue reading “No Longer Hoping, Now Expecting”

How Do I Know God Will Heal Me?

I struggled with writing last week’s blog. On Monday I received a praise report that a family friend was in remission after her bout with cancer. Then on Tuesday I received news that a close family member had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. It was a very emotional experience sharing my testimonyContinue reading “How Do I Know God Will Heal Me?”

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