Time to Let it Go, and Forgive Yourself

This week is for those of us who may have a hard time forgiving ourselves or letting go of past mistakes. A few weeks ago, I stopped by mother’s house for a Sunday visit. That morning’s virtual church service had been amazing, and I was still high from the praise music and message. I participatedContinue reading “Time to Let it Go, and Forgive Yourself”

A Gift That Costs You Nothing to Give

I shared about the unexpected and unplanned purchase of our Honda Odyssey, and how God blessed me with a vehicle that I am committed to use to bless others. After last week’s story, I’ve gotten a number of requests to pick up donations. I’m on it! I’m delighted to partner with other organizations and ensureContinue reading “A Gift That Costs You Nothing to Give”

Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?

Last December, we took our annual family trip to the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA. I had been waiting all year to finally see their production of Jesus. Several of my friends had went throughout the year, and each one had raved about how amazing it was. Finally, it was our turn. AndContinue reading “Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?”

Despite My Mistake, God Will Still Provide

I messed up. Big time. You ever make a bad choice and then continually berate yourself, questioning why, why, why would you do that? How could you be so stupid, thoughtless, lazy, inconsiderate, or whichever appropriate adjective fits the situation?

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