Finding Myself on Another Dark and Lonely Road

Finding myself on a dark and lonely road was a great reminder that no matter how bad things may look, God is always with me.

The Ultimate Tug of War: Faith vs Fear

Faith over Fear. A popular saying found on T-shirts, signs, and all sorts of other items, meant to remind us to choose Faith when Fear is looming. If only it were that easy… We can pump ourselves up saying we got this, remind ourselves of our scriptures, say our inspirational quotes, or seek encouragement fromContinue reading “The Ultimate Tug of War: Faith vs Fear”

Just What Is God’s Strength?

As soon as I finished my last blog, I knew what I wanted to write about this week. Last week we discussed that when we courageously waited on the Lord, He would strengthen us. But what does that actually mean? What does God’s strength look like? Feel like? How does it help us when ourContinue reading “Just What Is God’s Strength?”

Time to Give Up the Anxiety… And Leave It

It’s not easy living for God. It just isn’t. The tests…the trials…the temptations… Sometimes it just feels like it’s all too much.

What do we do when we want to give up and just throw in the towel? When we are too tired physically, emotionally, or mentally to fight another day?

A Setup for Fear

The nation observed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Day of Service this past Monday. This time of year also brings MLK weekend sports tournaments around the country. For us, it was volleyball in Richmond, Virginia, which is a little over 4 hours away. Without going into too much detail, my plans were changed at theContinue reading “A Setup for Fear”

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