When the Answer Devastates You

A friend once joked that all my blogs have happy endings. I don’t necessarily think that is true, as my life isn’t particularly always going in the direction I desire, but I do try to find the victory that is within everything I face. Or at least something to be thankful for. This is one … Continue reading When the Answer Devastates You

The Key for Test Preparation (No, Not That Kind of Test!)

At some point in our lives, most of us have sat in a doctor’s office, and they have ordered testing for information about a concerning matter. Any time we have a medical test, there is always the possibility of unfavorable news and a life changing report coming back. How do you usually respond? For me, … Continue reading The Key for Test Preparation (No, Not That Kind of Test!)

Either Trust Me, or Trust What You See

Just when things were going well…I’d been rejoicing that the tide was finally turning in our family’s favor, as it appeared that we’d finally won the faith fight concerning Kennedi’s injury. And I was steadily preparing for the next journey of faith, getting ready to take my Leap of Faith. And then I got sucker … Continue reading Either Trust Me, or Trust What You See

Looking Beyond Your Pain

Why do those who are experiencing a life of pain and heartbreak still live for God? What’s the point of serving a God who allows us to struggle through so many hardships as we go through this life? As Believers, the foundation of our Christianity should be based on faith in a divine, all-powerful, all-knowing … Continue reading Looking Beyond Your Pain

Keep Turning the Page

Have you ever thought about what it takes to create a great story? Think about your favorite books and/or movies. What were the characters like? And what about the plot? Do you like a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat? One with a predictable, satisfying ending, or would you rather have … Continue reading Keep Turning the Page

You Prayed About It, But Do You Believe?

I considered not blogging this week. We are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, getting a do-over from last year – the fabulous trip I had anticipated for months had been derailed by Kennedi’s injury. Today I laughed when I passed the ice machine near our room, jokingly telling Kenny that it would have been perfect for … Continue reading You Prayed About It, But Do You Believe?

The Journey from Test to Testimony

I didn’t want to blog I this week. I honestly didn’t even want to get out of bed for the last couple of days. After the multiple challenges I experienced immediately following last week’s blog, I was questioning if I should even continue with this. I think God decided it was testing time (yet again), … Continue reading The Journey from Test to Testimony

Guardians of the Mind

Last week I was surprised on Social Media, learning that I had won tickets from Faith on the Field for a concert with the Christian band, Unspoken. A few weeks earlier, I had joined the mailing list as their ministry resonated with me - Faith on the Faith is a radio talk show and blog … Continue reading Guardians of the Mind

A Setup for Fear

The nation observed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Day of Service this past Monday. This time of year also brings MLK weekend sports tournaments around the country. For us, it was volleyball in Richmond, Virginia, which is a little over 4 hours away. Without going into too much detail, my plans were changed at the … Continue reading A Setup for Fear