Using Your Pain to Help Someone Else

Yesterday I received a text from a friend – a fellow sports mom that I met years ago through our local track team.  We grew closer after she moved away, and over the years have shared personal struggles, and encouraged each other as we ventured through life. She has two amazing young athletes, and I … Continue reading Using Your Pain to Help Someone Else

No Longer Hoping, Now Expecting

Here we are, the beginning of a New Year. New Season. New Possibilities. New Hope. I was going through my file of medical receipts from 2018. As I grabbed the bulging envelope, my mind went back to January. We started off 2018 doing a Family Vision Board, the year full of excitement and promise. We … Continue reading No Longer Hoping, Now Expecting

Even When it Feels Bad, There is Good at Work

After the busy travel day (and night!), we checked into the hotel, unloaded the truck, and wheeled Kennedi and our luggage into the room. Once we got her settled in, leg propped up, and ice therapy machine running, we alternated administering medicine and refilling the ice into the machine. We slept off and on well … Continue reading Even When it Feels Bad, There is Good at Work