A Different Look at Death

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled series of Faith-Filled Moms because my friend Shari passed away from cancer less than twenty-four hours after my first guest blog about Faith-Filled Moms and Fighting Cancer was posted.  My friend had valiantly fought her sickness for years. She believed God was going to heal her. And so did I. WeContinue reading “A Different Look at Death”

When Life Gets Too Heavy

I remember when I wrote this…getting out of bed was difficult. I just wanted to sleep so I wouldn’t have to think, wouldn’t have to remember, wouldn’t have to deal with life. I was living with a crushed spirit. Last week I talked about a spirit of heaviness and sadness that I was experiencing afterContinue reading “When Life Gets Too Heavy”

What I’ve Learned…A Year After Death

My brother has been gone for a year now. When I think about him, I always wonder what he is experiencing in his consciousness. I know his body has been laid to rest here on earth, but his soul is with the Lord. And as much as I miss him, I have never said thatContinue reading “What I’ve Learned…A Year After Death”

How To Be A First Responder In the Midst of Loss

As I was writing the story I planned to share this week, I received a text from an old friend. Her father had just passed away, and she was reaching out to let me know. Our families lived on the same block, and we grew up together. I knew him for as long as IContinue reading “How To Be A First Responder In the Midst of Loss”

I Need Help

What a difference a week makes. Just last week I was rejoicing about God’s strength, and today I find myself needing it more than ever. This week was rough. My company conducted a major layoff – team members that I have worked with for years were impacted. I feel helpless, despite my desire to assistContinue reading “I Need Help”

Remaining Courageous While Waiting – Strength is Coming!

Many people don’t know, but one of my closest friends went into the hospital within 24 hours of my brother being admitted. We have been friends since I was in the 1st grade; she was a year older. As a child, I always looked up to her as my older, smarter, and more sophisticated friend.Continue reading “Remaining Courageous While Waiting – Strength is Coming!”

Through the Grief of Loss on Earth, Consider the Gain in Heaven

After a difficult few weeks, we were finally able to lay my brother to rest. We held a small, private funeral in accordance to the directives of our state (New Jersey). I consider it a blessing that we were able to do so, despite the different hurdles we faced. When I first started processing theContinue reading “Through the Grief of Loss on Earth, Consider the Gain in Heaven”

My Next Step in Grief…and Healing

I was not going to write anything last week. But God… Since I started this blog, I had been faithfully posting midweek, but last Wednesday came and went and I didn’t have any words to give others. I think that Thursday was the first time I was out of bed before noon. I just wantedContinue reading “My Next Step in Grief…and Healing”

Why Didn’t You Answer My Prayers?

I lost my only brother this week. I prayed that God would heal him. I believed that God would heal him. For over a year I’ve been writing about promises of faith throughout the Word of God. And I stood on every single one during my brother’s illness. I knew that God was able toContinue reading “Why Didn’t You Answer My Prayers?”

What Will Be Said About You Once You Have Left This Earth?

On Saturday, I attended the memorial service for a loved one. I chatted with relatives as we waited for the service to begin. After a while, my sister called me over, with a look of concern. I asked what was wrong, thinking something had happened to another family member. She shared that there was anContinue reading “What Will Be Said About You Once You Have Left This Earth?”

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