Even When Devastated, Give Thanks

“Excuse me but I think your daughter is hurt.” My eyes looked up from the book I was reading, across the field to the opposite side of the track where the long jump pit was located. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly and only a few clouds in the sky.Continue reading “Even When Devastated, Give Thanks”

What I’ve Learned…A Year After Death

My brother has been gone for a year now. When I think about him, I always wonder what he is experiencing in his consciousness. I know his body has been laid to rest here on earth, but his soul is with the Lord. And as much as I miss him, I have never said thatContinue reading “What I’ve Learned…A Year After Death”

How Will I Know the Right Choice to Make?

In February of 2020, the girls and I had traveled over the President’s Day weekend for our annual vacation. We had traveled each winter for the last twelve years, and it was a welcome interruption to our busy schedule and gave us an opportunity to connect and make memories with our extended family. But lastContinue reading “How Will I Know the Right Choice to Make?”

How To Be A First Responder In the Midst of Loss

As I was writing the story I planned to share this week, I received a text from an old friend. Her father had just passed away, and she was reaching out to let me know. Our families lived on the same block, and we grew up together. I knew him for as long as IContinue reading “How To Be A First Responder In the Midst of Loss”

Not a Coincidence or Twist of Fate, But a Divinely-Directed Master Plan

After finishing a long week at work and virtual school for the girls, I was ready to kick off an extended weekend and celebrate my birthday. I had planned different things to do and foods (and desserts) to eat strategically throughout the next four days to mark another year of life. Friday night, I plannedContinue reading “Not a Coincidence or Twist of Fate, But a Divinely-Directed Master Plan”

2020: The Interruption of Everything, but Why? A Personal Reflection

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the ten plagues in Egypt in the time of Moses and can’t help but wonder if there is a lesson in that story that relates to what we are going through now. There have been catastrophes across the country, unlike anything many of us have seen in our lifetime. AnContinue reading “2020: The Interruption of Everything, but Why? A Personal Reflection”

Is This What Winning Looks Like?

It’s hard to believe I’ve been sharing our stories to encourage readers for two years. What a journey – one I clearly didn’t expect to evolve this way. Milestones are an ideal time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In 2018, we kicked off the club track season fully expectingContinue reading “Is This What Winning Looks Like?”

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

As Kassadi has been recovering from her knee surgery, Kennedi has been participating in a virtual sports camp with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), an organization that she joined last year. I was excited for her to have the experience, as her summer plans of running track and attending a college summer camp had beenContinue reading “Change Your Focus, Change Your Life”

The Ultimate Tug of War: Faith vs Fear

Faith over Fear. A popular saying found on T-shirts, signs, and all sorts of other items, meant to remind us to choose Faith when Fear is looming. If only it were that easy… We can pump ourselves up saying we got this, remind ourselves of our scriptures, say our inspirational quotes, or seek encouragement fromContinue reading “The Ultimate Tug of War: Faith vs Fear”

This Isn’t the Way This Was Supposed to Happen

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Kassadi finally had the surgical procedure I had been dreading for months now. Back in January, we received a miraculous MRI report that Kennedi’s posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) had re-attached without surgical intervention, after being completely torn while competing in a track and field event (read that AMAZINGContinue reading “This Isn’t the Way This Was Supposed to Happen”

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