Faith-Filled Moms: A Difficult Road to Peace

This month I am kicking off a tribute to mothers! Each week leading up to Mother’s Day, I will be featuring a guest blogger to share a story of faith, and how each mother used their Playbook and believed the Word of God for their children’s future, despite the challenges they faced. To kick usContinue reading “Faith-Filled Moms: A Difficult Road to Peace”

Ready or Not, It’s Coming…

Last week we entered the final quarter of 2019. At this time of year, goal-conscientious people usually start assessing their progress against the targets they set out for in the beginning of the year. Businesses start evaluating their metrics to gauge how their year-end numbers are tracking. How are you making out so far? HaveContinue reading “Ready or Not, It’s Coming…”

I’ve Blocked It, I’ve Rejected It, Now What?

Why do our minds keep returning to the thoughts and memories that cause us the most pain? We each have experienced traumatic experiences in our lives, but why do we insist on re-living the trauma over and over in our minds? How do we just let it go? After last week’s blog, I was regularlyContinue reading “I’ve Blocked It, I’ve Rejected It, Now What?”

Rejecting Those Shots Like a Spiritual Beast

As I was reflecting on last week’s defensive strategy scripture, I couldn’t help but think about how powerful the first part of the scripture was. It was on my mind most of this week as I found myself contemplating all my problems, my disappointments, my regrets, my unfulfilled wishes and dreams. I knew I wouldContinue reading “Rejecting Those Shots Like a Spiritual Beast”

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