Who Determines Your Worth or Significance?

Something amazing and still quite unbelievable happened – my oldest daughter graduated from high school this week! She’ll be leaving our home in less than two months for college. I’ve had seventeen years to prepare her for this transition and milestone. Did I do a good job? Is she ready? I get emotional just thinkingContinue reading “Who Determines Your Worth or Significance?”

Faith-Filled Moms: Faith for the Unknown Journey Ahead

I hope you have been enjoying this Faith-Filled Moms series – each story has been a blessing to me personally, and I’ve captured words of wisdom from each mom’s story. You can also catch my interview with each guest blogger on Destined 4 the Dub’s Facebook Page, as we go deeper into their stories. ThisContinue reading “Faith-Filled Moms: Faith for the Unknown Journey Ahead”

Faith-Filled Moms: Trusting God in the Darkness

I am so excited to share my friend Deitra’s story this week. I have gotten to know her and her family over the years, and especially sweet Myles in Children’s Ministry, and he’s kept me and my daughters on our toes! Be encouraged by her journey… I have Jeremiah 17: 5-8 hanging on my refrigerator,Continue reading “Faith-Filled Moms: Trusting God in the Darkness”

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