Our Playbook

In the sporting world, a playbook is a set of rules, plays, and guidelines critical for success. It must be followed for the athlete or team to Win in their competitive endeavors.

This blog will feature Scriptures from our God-given playbook – The Holy Bible – that will provide direction for situations we encounter in life, and to overcome the tactics that our Enemy uses to defeat us. Our Playbook provides truths, lessons, and direction for a life of triumph on and off the field.

Below are descriptions of the KEY INDICATORS that will accompany each scripture, that we should be executing on a regular basis:

Offensive Strategy – Scriptures that provide strategy for going on the attack against our enemy

Defensive Strategy – Scriptures that provide strategy for defending or resisting the attack of our enemy

Formation – Scriptures that give direction for positioning in anticipation of, or in response to our enemy’s attack

Trick Play – Scriptures that give direction on thoughts and actions used to deceive our enemy

Trap Warning – Scriptures that contain directives meant to protect from harmful or unfavorable outcomes

Play Prediction – Scriptures that provide assurance that a certain outcome will take place

Maintain Steady State – Scriptures that provide instructional guidelines that should be implemented regularly for optimal performance