Carefully Choose What To Remember

After my alarm goes off each morning, there is but a flicker of time before I’m fully conscious, aware of my surroundings, my current predicament, and the condition of my soul. It is the absolute slightest moment of Zen – where my thoughts are untroubled, undisturbed, and unburdened. It is the moment before I recall … Continue reading Carefully Choose What To Remember

Time to Let it Go, and Forgive Yourself

This week is for those of us who may have a hard time forgiving ourselves or letting go of past mistakes. A few weeks ago, I stopped by mother’s house for a Sunday visit. That morning’s virtual church service had been amazing, and I was still high from the praise music and message. I participated … Continue reading Time to Let it Go, and Forgive Yourself

Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

As Kassadi has been recovering from her knee surgery, Kennedi has been participating in a virtual sports camp with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), an organization that she joined last year. I was excited for her to have the experience, as her summer plans of running track and attending a college summer camp had been … Continue reading Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

The Ultimate Tug of War: Faith vs Fear

Faith over Fear. A popular saying found on T-shirts, signs, and all sorts of other items, meant to remind us to choose Faith when Fear is looming. If only it were that easy… We can pump ourselves up saying we got this, remind ourselves of our scriptures, say our inspirational quotes, or seek encouragement from … Continue reading The Ultimate Tug of War: Faith vs Fear

This Isn’t the Way This Was Supposed to Happen

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Kassadi finally had the surgical procedure I had been dreading for months now. Back in January, we received a miraculous MRI report that Kennedi’s posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) had re-attached without surgical intervention, after being completely torn while competing in a track and field event (read that AMAZING … Continue reading This Isn’t the Way This Was Supposed to Happen

Motherhood Reimagined

Last week I wrote about the responsibility of raising children to value and respect of others in our society, you can find that story here. I did some soul-searching after reading my words and started reflecting on the type of parent I was overall. I reflected that being a mother is extremely tough. I simply … Continue reading Motherhood Reimagined

As We Are Raising the Future, Are We Teaching Them About Each Other?

The racial climate of our nation has dominated the headlines over the last few weeks. I think about the hateful rhetoric, the skewed thinking, the low self-esteem, and the hopelessness I see on the news and on social media. I often find myself wondering, how did people get that way? How did they come to … Continue reading As We Are Raising the Future, Are We Teaching Them About Each Other?

My Jumbled Thoughts on Race – Am I Really Made in His Image?

Each week I marvel at the evolution of this blog. I first started this journey sharing about the challenges and triumphs my family was experiencing through our sports-driven reality, but as we march further into 2020, we’ve been going deeper into topics that I never imagined I’d be writing about in this setting. I certainly … Continue reading My Jumbled Thoughts on Race – Am I Really Made in His Image?

I Need Help

What a difference a week makes. Just last week I was rejoicing about God’s strength, and today I find myself needing it more than ever. This week was rough. My company conducted a major layoff – team members that I have worked with for years were impacted. I feel helpless, despite my desire to assist … Continue reading I Need Help

Just What Is God’s Strength?

As soon as I finished my last blog, I knew what I wanted to write about this week. Last week we discussed that when we courageously waited on the Lord, He would strengthen us. But what does that actually mean? What does God’s strength look like? Feel like? How does it help us when our … Continue reading Just What Is God’s Strength?