Despite the Discomfort, Keep On Running

I don’t run. I just don’t enjoy it. At all. I’m sure that’s hard to believe for a former track runner, but I loved competing. I just hated running for practice. You’ve seen all the running decals on the back of cars: 13.1, 26.2, 5K, 10K, and so on. You may even have one on … Continue reading Despite the Discomfort, Keep On Running

Keep Turning the Page

Have you ever thought about what it takes to create a great story? Think about your favorite books and/or movies. What were the characters like? And what about the plot? Do you like a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat? One with a predictable, satisfying ending, or would you rather have … Continue reading Keep Turning the Page

Who’s Writing Your Story?

After months of begging, I finally allowed my youngest daughter to watch the Netflix series, Stranger Things – but on one condition – that I watch it with her. Kennedi had warned of the language and other questionable content within the series, so I wasn’t completely in favor of Kassadi watching. But I guess she … Continue reading Who’s Writing Your Story?

When the Lord Comes THROUGH

The 2019 club track and field season has come to an end, culminating with the AAU and USATF Jr Olympics. Most of our track friends and family were down in Greensboro, North Carolina last week to compete in the AAU Games. As many of you know, we have been on an unexpected hiatus (a fast … Continue reading When the Lord Comes THROUGH

You Prayed About It, But Do You Believe?

I considered not blogging this week. We are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, getting a do-over from last year – the fabulous trip I had anticipated for months had been derailed by Kennedi’s injury. Today I laughed when I passed the ice machine near our room, jokingly telling Kenny that it would have been perfect for … Continue reading You Prayed About It, But Do You Believe?

Do You Trust God’s Promise… or Your Perception?

I recently read that Satan’s greatest weapon is his ability to deceive. That really stuck with me. So many of my recent blogs have been about overcoming mental struggles. Even when there is a tangible issue we must deal with; our battle first starts with our mental perception of the issue. In order to deceive … Continue reading Do You Trust God’s Promise… or Your Perception?

Just Breathe – It’s Already Being Worked Out

If you can’t tell by now, today’s Play Prediction is my favorite scripture in the entire Bible. And that’s pretty significant, as there are so many scriptures that I love and lean on. But this one? When I’m feeling at my lowest, and things are looking really bad, Romans 8:28 has gotten me through almost … Continue reading Just Breathe – It’s Already Being Worked Out

An Award (or Lack Thereof) Doesn’t Define You

My youngest daughter had her Move Up Ceremony a few weeks ago. As a proud mama, I was excited leading up to and during the entire event. There was a Student Awards section in the program. About 8 different categories of awards were given out during that portion of the ceremony. During the first award, … Continue reading An Award (or Lack Thereof) Doesn’t Define You