Even When Devastated, Give Thanks

“Excuse me but I think your daughter is hurt.” My eyes looked up from the book I was reading, across the field to the opposite side of the track where the long jump pit was located. It was an absolutely beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly and only a few clouds in the sky.Continue reading “Even When Devastated, Give Thanks”

Who Determines Your Worth or Significance?

Something amazing and still quite unbelievable happened – my oldest daughter graduated from high school this week! She’ll be leaving our home in less than two months for college. I’ve had seventeen years to prepare her for this transition and milestone. Did I do a good job? Is she ready? I get emotional just thinkingContinue reading “Who Determines Your Worth or Significance?”

A Different Look at Death

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled series of Faith-Filled Moms because my friend Shari passed away from cancer less than twenty-four hours after my first guest blog about Faith-Filled Moms and Fighting Cancer was posted.  My friend had valiantly fought her sickness for years. She believed God was going to heal her. And so did I. WeContinue reading “A Different Look at Death”

When Life Gets Too Heavy

I remember when I wrote this…getting out of bed was difficult. I just wanted to sleep so I wouldn’t have to think, wouldn’t have to remember, wouldn’t have to deal with life. I was living with a crushed spirit. Last week I talked about a spirit of heaviness and sadness that I was experiencing afterContinue reading “When Life Gets Too Heavy”

Is There a Reason Behind Your Uncomfortable Situation?

Have you ever wondered why God has you on a certain path? Do you find yourself questioning the direction of your life?

Finding Myself on Another Dark and Lonely Road

Finding myself on a dark and lonely road was a great reminder that no matter how bad things may look, God is always with me.

Celebrating the Success of Others, Even When No One is Celebrating You

I was interpreting the success of another as a reflection on me (or my family) and not understanding that it was just truly about the other person. If only I would take myself out of the equation, I could easily be happy and rejoice with and for someone else.

Teaching a Significant Life Lesson to My Daughter – Resiliency

After experiencing a difficult season, I share how I taught my daughter resilience in facing the tough times in life that we all must encounter.

Am I Focused on My Child’s Potential or Purpose?

The path to purpose starts with the unique talents, gifts, abilities, and strengths that God has given us in different areas. But how do we know what we are supposed to do with them? How do we manage the potential that comes from the way we were created?

Remember This – Your Child’s Worth is Not Found in Other People’s Opinions or Judgments of Them

It’s happening again… the infamous end-of-year awards. As the school year is ending, the ubiquitous part of the graduations and moving up ceremonies is the handing out of special recognitions and awards. For every child who receives an award, there are countless others that don’t. And twice as many parents in the audience possibly grapplingContinue reading “Remember This – Your Child’s Worth is Not Found in Other People’s Opinions or Judgments of Them”

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