About Team Avent


Faith, Family, and Sports are all integral components in the Avent household.

Tonya May Avent is married to Kenny, a former college and semi-pro basketball player and current high school, semi-pro and international coach and trainer. She is the proud mother of 2 amazingly athletic daughters, Kennedi and Kassadi, who she enjoys supporting as they pursue their sporting goals, dreams, and passions in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track. A former track runner, softball and field hockey player, Tonya knows all about the struggles and difficult encounters that often come while competing on the field.

Off the field – marital disputes, parenting challenges, health scares, and financial setbacks are some of the circumstances that drove Tonya deeper in the Word of God to overcome divorce, hopelessness, depression, and despair. After re-discovering her spiritual gifts of Faith, Knowledge, and Teaching, she understood her purpose was to share God’s Word in a relevant and applicable way to help others overcome challenges in life – both on AND off the field!

Join Tonya as she shares the joys and trials of her life lessons on faith – whether it be through marriage, motherhood, friendships, sporting events, or just plain every-day living.

God is always teaching us something and growing our faith, ensuring that if we follow His Playbook, we will get our Dub!