I Don’t Like to Fight, But…

I just want to live in peace, with no conflict, perfectly calm and content.

But unfortunately, that’s just not real life. Some of us have to fight – for our marriage, our children, our health, our finances, our mental stability, our career, our property… The list can go on and on.

We are all on a journey, and it requires that we fight to overcome opposition trying to keep us from moving forward. Our spiritual enemy wants us defeated, stuck, and moving backwards.

Many of us are fighting multiple battles at the same time and feeling pretty worn out. I know I am! But every day we wake up, there is another challenge to overcome. And so we fight.

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in heavenly places.

Ephesians 6:12 NLT

We need to make sure we are fighting strategically, and that we are fighting the correct opponent. Our fight is not against people and things we can see, but instead we are fighting a spiritual battle in the unseen realm.

When we face any type of opposition, our natural instinct usually is to fight back, usually without thinking our actions through, which is typically a recipe for disaster. We have to start fighting smarter.

As I was brainstorming this topic, I thought about The Art of War, a popular book about achieving victory in physical warfare. It was written over two thousand years ago by Sun Tzu, who was a Chinese military strategist. Its principles have been modified time and time again to relate the strategies to high performance in business, athletics, and other areas.

I decided to review a few principles from The Art of War to help build a strategy to ensure we win each battle we face. Feel free to read the entire book on your own, it’s pretty short and shouldn’t take longer than an hour to finish.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Sun Tzu

Principle 1: Laying Plans – Have a plan BEFORE you enter the battlefield. If things are going ok now, please know that it will not always be that way. Anytime we are living for God, our enemy is going to try and destroy us since he hates God. Be prepared for continuous changes in battle conditions. There always seems to be a fight waiting for us. There’s an old saying – you are either in a battle, coming out of one, or about to go in one. The Armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-17 gives us the purpose for the protection we have from God. Read this chapter in multiple versions or with a study Bible to gain deeper understanding.

Principle 3: Attack by Stratagem – Resolve potential conflicts before they arise. Anticipate moves and be ready to respond – the best way to accomplish this is by knowing your own weakness. Your enemy knows them also (as does your spouse, children, and those closest to you. Be ready to respond correctly when they push your buttons!) It is imperative that we know when and how to engage, and when to just be quiet (and pray). Patience is key for this principle. Refer to the book of Proverbs and the wisdom needed for this step. This comes from knowing yourself and your opponent.

Principle 7: Maneuvering – It’s important that you don’t give the enemy a clue on how to defeat you. Many times our words will tell Satan how he can beat us. How many times have we said, “If he/she does XZY one more time…” or “I can’t take XYZ anymore” We are basically broadcasting our weak areas. And guess what the enemy is going to do with that information? The solution here is to figure out how to have joy, even when you’re not always happy with the way things are going. Attitude is everything, and negative emotions will lead to negative choices.

Although more spiritual inference can be drawn from the book, these are just a few principles I wanted to highlight.

No matter how long our battles may last, it’s important to know that we’ve already won. Jesus is our champion and has already given us the victory. We just have to do our part, so we can claim the victory He won for us when He died on the cross for our sins.

Honestly, that’s what Destined 4 the Dub is all about. Encouraging others to stay in their battle, storm, conflict or however you want to describe what you’re going through. It’s important that you know that if you’re a Believer, your victory has already been guaranteed.

We just have to do our part: Trust God, Walk with Him, Read His Word, Pray, Lean on Him, Encourage Others, Share our Testimony, Walk By Faith, Fight the Good Fight, and most importantly Don’t Ever Give Up.

I pray that you are re-energized as you get back in your battle. Especially now that you know it’s a fixed fight.


What are you fighting for? Do you believe that you will eventually win?

Which strategies based on the Art of War can you start using in your fight?

Feel free to respond in the comments section… and share this story with someone in your life that could use the encouragement.  Follow Destined 4 the Dub for Encouragement, Inspiration, and Motivation as you walk through the tough times in life. You ARE Destined to win and get the Dub!

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Like to Fight, But…

  1. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!
    This is a powerful, rhema Word!
    Shift in perspective: we already have the victory through Christ!!!

  2. Amen, so many times we as Christians tend to give up before we reap the benefits of prayer. We set or try to set time limits on God. Not truly realizing that the battle has already been won through Christ Jesus.

    1. How true this is!! I other found myself in the waiting room, tapping my foot wondering why God was taking so long! And after a while just deciding to taking things in to my own hands, only to end up with DISASTROUS results of course!

    1. I’m with you. I have been battling heavy with some things that have been bothering me as well. Her post have been God sent!!!

      1. Thank you for sharing. Every time I write I always wonder how it will be received. I’m so thankful that God trusts me enough to share truth and encouragement to others. It really is humbling.

    2. Thank you! As I think about what to write each week, I really listen to the Holy Spirit by what’s heaviest on my heart. This blog is really my testimony as I’m overcoming things I go through. I just want to share what I’m learning to help the next person going through.

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