Why Should I Hope? What Exactly is it Anyway?


If you haven’t figured it out yet, this concept is actually the foundation of this entire ministry and blog. Most of the stories I write about are rooted in faith – believing God for things that have not yet happened.

Last night I started watching a series called Crazy Faith by Michael Todd. He reasoned that Faith started out as Hope, and it made me think of something I wrote almost 2 years ago about that very subject.

As loss, sickness, death, and hopelessness continue to spiral all around us, I can’t remember a time when we collectively needed hope more.

Hope is the seed from which Faith springs forth. It was impossible for me to have Faith without Hope.

I went back to my archives to find the blog I wrote. (you can find it here) I remembered there was a quote that had such a profound effect on me:

“Unlike the English word “hope”, the New Testament word contains no uncertainty; it speaks of something that is certain, but not yet realized…Without the clear and certain promises of the Word of God, the believer would have no basis for hope”. The MacArthur Study Bible

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All my life, I had been using ‘hope’ interchangeably with ‘wish’. When I said I hoped for something, what I really meant was that I wanted it, but I didn’t always fully anticipate it. Sometimes my position was – if it happens, then it happens. That was my definition of hope. And I didn’t always put too much weight on the things I was “hoping” for.

But the Hope that is needed to produce Faith required an expectation, and not merely a wish. I could no longer pray to God and then wish and cross my fingers that the things I prayed for would happen. I had to fully anticipate and expect what I prayed for.

As I read further down the blog, I reviewed my words declaring that I was expecting God to heal Kennedi’s completely torn ligament, even though at that point in early 2019 she was still in a brace, unable to jump or run. I had no idea that my hope would be realized ten months later, when an MRI would show her PCL completely healed, with no medical intervention.

But on that day, my mentality shifted, and I went from wishing she would be healed to expecting it, even though there was never any tangible indication that it would happen.

It was impossible for me to have Faith without Hope.


I could not get this word off my mind. Then I started humming the hymn, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less. I’ve heard this song since I was a little girl in church. Sometimes we sing songs that we’ve known forever but may not always focus on the words we are singing.

As I close out this week, I invite you to reflect on the words to this hymn, written in 1836 by Edward Mote, who grew up not even knowing there was a God. What a blessing that a beautiful song written so many years ago, can still speak to our very souls.

The chorus references the parable that Jesus shared in Matthew 7:24-27 about a wise man who built his house on a rock. And when the storms came, his house withstood because it was built on a firm foundation.

There was also a foolish man who built his house on the sand, and the storms demolished it.

As you read (or sing) the song, think about why you can have hope (expectation) about whatever it is that’s concerning you, worrying you, or keeping you up at night.

My hope is built on nothing less,

Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness

I dare not trust the sweetest frame

But wholly lean on Jesus name

When darkness hides His lovely face

I rest on his unchanging grace

In every high and stormy gale

My anchor holds within in the veil

His oath, His covenant, His blood

Support me in the whelming flood

When all around my soul gives way

He then is all my hope and stay

When He shall come with trumpet sound

Oh, may I then in Him be found

Dressed in His righteousness along

Faultless to stand before the throne


On Christ the solid rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand

All other ground is sinking sand

It is my prayer that you can exchange your worry and fear for Hope.

Hope in Jesus, and in the power of His sacrifice of giving up His life for you. He is the strongest and most secure foundation that you could ever build your Hope on, no matter what kind of storm you may face.


What have you been hoping for? Praying for?

Have you built your foundation on Jesus Christ? Can you place your hope and security in His firm foundation?

If you don’t have hope in the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, consider inviting Him into your life today. There’s nothing or no one more secure!

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