Why Would You Keep This Amazing Knowledge to Yourself?

Not long ago, I was driving on the highway with the girls, and as I glanced in my rearview mirror, I saw an absolutely beautiful scene unfolding in the sky. As the sun was setting, pink and purple streaks lined the clouds.

I’m an avid sky-watcher and when I see a magnificent sunrise or sunset, I whisper thanks to God for creating a unique picture of love just for me. The magnitude of His power and glory is reflected in the night sky filled with stars and dotted by planets.

I kept glancing out my window at that breathtaking sight. Usually I will point out a majestic sky to my daughters, but for some reason on that day, I was just content to enjoy it for myself.

It cost me nothing to share the beauty and joy of God’s creation with them. All I had to do was tell them to turn around, and they would have been able to enjoy that blessing with me. What was the point of selfishly keeping it to myself?

Telling someone else about Jesus is no different. He is the light of the world, who specializes in driving out the darkness and making beauty out of ashes.

I remember a time when I wasn’t as comfortable in sharing my faith, especially at work. About ten years ago I started managing a new team, and one of my co-workers was going back out on medical leave for chemotherapy after previous cancer treatments.

On the first day of my new assignment, he called me to introduce himself and during our conversation he bluntly told me he was not expecting to make it through this ordeal. In that moment, I felt indignation bubble up inside me, and I thought, ‘You don’t know who you’re talking to, but you’re on MY team now!’

And for the first time, I shared my faith at work. I don’t remember my exact words, but I do remember asking to pray with him.

My heart was pounding from nervousness, but I prayed a prayer of faith on that phone, imploring God to heal this man that I had never seen or met before. That day my life changed. I checked in with him throughout his medical leave, and when he returned to work, we became good friends.

And a decade later my friend is still alive. And I truly believe it was because I was courageous enough to move out of my comfortable “Jesus Zone”, where I keep Him all to myself and for my own benefit, while observing others struggling who would benefit from knowing about Him as well.

My friend refers to me as “having it in good with the big guy upstairs”, but my prayer is that he would have the same kind of relationship.

Some years later when I was managing a new group, a team member called me with devastating news – his family was being called to the hospital to say goodbye to his grandmother. He was audibly upset, and I remember feeling the same way that day, and I asked if I could pray with him before he headed out.

My heart was pounding again, but I reached out to the one I knew was a Healer. The next day, my co-worker called me and informed me that his grandmother’s condition had miraculously improved. And she was eventually discharged from the hospital.

As I think about my relationship with Jesus, He has been so many different things to me, which allows me to offer Him to others facing very different challenges.

How many times have we found an unbelievable deal while shopping, and excitedly pass the information on to others so they can benefit from it as well?

Are we that forthcoming when talking about Jesus, when He blesses us, brings us through a difficult situation, or answers our prayers? Shouldn’t we want others to benefit from the same blessings that come from knowing Him?

Because I know Him to be a Healer, why wouldn’t I tell someone who is sick about how He’s healed me and my family?

Because I know Him to be a Provider, I can encourage someone going through a tough financial time to take a chance and trust Him.

Because I know Him to be a Comforter, I can share His comfort with the broken-hearted who have lost a loved one.

And what about those who are completely lost? If I have found my purpose through Him, isn’t it my duty to share the Gospel with someone who is searching for meaning in their life?

If you’ve experienced the beauty and significance of a life with Christ, please don’t keep it to yourself. Why not share it with someone who would also benefit from such a connection?

That day while driving, I finally spoke up and advised “Girls, turn around and look out the window!” Their squeals, ‘oohs’, and ‘aahs’ confirmed that they were as impressed as I was. And in that moment, we were able to experience the delightful beauty of that sky together.

Just imagine how much more joy you could share with someone else. Go ahead and tell them your good news.


Do you really believe Jesus could change someone’s life?

Is there someone in your life that you’d be willing to share your good news with?

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4 thoughts on “Why Would You Keep This Amazing Knowledge to Yourself?

  1. Yes, I trust God to heal me, whether here on Earth or in Heaven.
    Yes, there are people that I want to share my good news with. I’ve talked to five of them. Three, I found, were already saved, and two had no answer.

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