I Need Help

What a difference a week makes. Just last week I was rejoicing about God’s strength, and today I find myself needing it more than ever.

This week was rough. My company conducted a major layoff – team members that I have worked with for years were impacted. I feel helpless, despite my desire to assist them in finding new employment.

My daughter had an emotional breakdown last night after we found an old camcorder and videos of my brother from before she was born. She crawled in bed with me and cried inconsolably. And I felt helpless in my ability to take her pain away.

My social media accounts have been flooded with visuals and words reflecting the volatile and unsafe climate in America for people who look like me. Friends are feeling devastated about the senseless loss of life. They feel fearful for their own safety, and especially for the safety of their sons. And helpless in their ability to protect them.

The coronavirus is running rampant throughout the world. People are dying, losing their jobs, finances are dwindling, and relationships are strained. There is conflicting information being reported about the spread of the virus, and we no longer seem to be standing united in our fight to overcome it. We have no idea how long this pandemic will last, or what life will look like when it’s over. Looking to the unknown future, it’s hard to feel anything but helpless.

People with differing political affiliations in this country are spewing hate at each other. We just don’t seem to be “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible” anymore. I want to fix this, especially for my daughters’ future, but I have no idea where or how to start to bring about true change.

I. Feel. Helpless.

If you’ve been following my journey, you probably knew this feeling wasn’t going to last for long, right? We know our feelings are fleeting and can change from moment to moment. The first step is a change in outlook.

There are too many promises of divine help and rescue that we can find in God’s Word, to stay stuck and in our feelings. Once I found something in the Bible, I knew it would completely shift my emotions.

Today I’m planting myself in the formidable chapter of Psalms 121. It’s a portrait of God’s help that is available to us, but we have to seek Him for it.

Today’s Defensive Strategy instructs us to look to the hills for help. I don’t live in an area that has hills or mountains, but I still look at the sky where I imagine they’d be if I didn’t live in such a flat region.

As we examine the rest of this chapter, take note of what happens after we look up:

  • Verse 3 – God won’t let us misstep and stumble (helpful if you have a big decision to make)
  • Verse 4 – God watches over us, never taking a break to sleep (so no need for you to stay up and lose sleep anymore. You both don’t need to be up in the middle of the night!)
  • Verse 5 – God is a protective shade (He blocks both natural and spiritual sources of harm)
  • Verse 7 – God preserves our bodies and souls from evil (through preserving us, He maintains us, by keeping us from harm)
  • Verse 8 – God watches over us as we come and go (yes, each time we leave our homes and come back again)

Go ahead, look out your window.

Lift your eyes to the real or imaginary hills in front of you. Our help is there – He’s available, He’s willing, and He’s able to help us with whatever we need, no matter how big or small.

He’s just waiting for us to look up.


If we don’t catch ourselves, we can fall down a hole of helplessness due to all the problems that surround us.

When you find yourself sinking into feelings of despair as you focus on things going on around you, look up to the hills for your help! Your focus will determine your outlook.

Which of the promises found in Psalms 121 do you need most today?

Feel free to respond in the comments section… and share this story with someone in your life that could use the encouragement. 

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