Don’t Run Off Your Track – Stay on the Path!

Think back to January 1st. Remember how excited we all were to be entering a new year and decade? 2020 – what a cool-sounding year! We made it to the 20s!

Many of us were making goals and plans – some were on a small-scale and others life-altering. It was finally our year for change – a new decade was ahead of us! We were claiming it, planning for it, and excited about what the future held.

There were initial reports of an illness spreading on the other side of the world, but it didn’t impact us. We were safe from tragedies that happened in other parts of the world, right?

But then we saw this virus was spreading to other countries. More of us took notice and started to follow the story. And then the US had its first case. And before we knew it, we found ourselves in a world-wide pandemic of COVID-19/Coronavirus.

But think about this – as we were bringing in the New Year, many of us we re thanking God for this year that was so full of expectation, not knowing what was ahead.

Do you still have the same expectation? God doesn’t need to change His plans, given everything going on around us. While we were celebrating the New Year, God knew what was to come – this was no surprise for Him.

What He put in motion back in January is still in progress.

If we truly believed He had plans for us in 2020, this doesn’t change His end goal. Maybe the path and timeline may be altered a bit from what you anticipated, but the destination is still the same.

What about those goals you made only 3 months ago? Are you still trying to meet them? If so, how are you changing the steps that you may now need to take to achieve them? Do they look very different from your plan back in January?

God’s plan for you has not changed, and His purpose is on track for you.

I came to this realization as I was re-thinking some career and financial planning in light of all the changes and uncertainty that seemed to be surrounding me as a result of this outbreak. My seemingly low tolerance for risk was causing me to re-think the plans and goals that were put in place at the start of the new year.

All that walking on water I previously referred to and taking the leap of faith – it was cool when the water appeared relatively calm and I thought I (somewhat) knew where I’d land with that jump.

But now? All bets were off. The path forward looks nothing like I imagined. I could trust God… but within reason.

Now this? I wasn’t prepared to have to trust like this. I had no control and no visibility. I have absolutely no idea what tomorrow holds.

The busy but fairly predictable schedule I normally maintained was out the window. News reports changed from day to day, and the world outside of my home was different than the one I knew.

Today’s scripture reminds me that my tomorrow has already been recorded. And next week too. And all the way in August. December too. He’s documented it all – He knows it all.

In order to move forward on my right path, I had to commit to trusting God instead of activating my own change of plans. Doesn’t it seem like all roads lead me right back to this same spot?

Just. Trust God.


No ‘Buts’!

We just have to trust Him. Period. And then walk the rest of 2020 out in His plan and His peace.


Are there plans that you started 2020 off with, that you abandoned due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

Talk to God about the path you are supposed to be on and review the goals and resolutions you made back in January. What do you need to do to realign your focus and your actions to fall in line with those plans?

Feel free to respond in the comments section… and share this story with someone in your life that could use the encouragement. 

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