I Didn’t Know Exactly What I Was Praying For…But He Did

Last week I shared about a miraculous MRI report – where God responded to our faith and answered our prayer of healing concerning Kennedi’s knee. The answer was seemingly impossible without medical intervention, but we were bold enough to believe God was able and willing to answer our prayer and do something amazing.

How did I get to the point of believing something like this was even possible? It was the result of years of reading and hearing Bible stories in church, or in my own personal study time. The Bible documents numerous miracles, and I truly believed in last week’s Play Prediction – that ALL THINGS are possible to me when I truly believe.

But that’s the tough part – getting to the point of believing. There are so many distractions that we have to face when going through a major faith fight. There are countless stories of situations that didn’t work out as one would have desired. Then you have the scientific studies that reflect undesirable outcomes. And you have other people’s opinions. There are so many competing ideas that can invade our minds and impact the positions we take while going through our storms.

What we believe dictates our words and our actions. And those words and actions have a direct influence on the outcome of what we are praying for.

The friends you surround yourself with, the counsel you seek, the media content you are exposed to (including music, video, and print) all contribute to how you form your strategic plan for addressing any struggles you may be facing.

I share all that to say it was an absolute battle to stay in faith for Kennedi’s healing over the last 18 months. The mental attacks, the overwhelming emotions, and the medical reports that weren’t always favorable. At any point I could have chosen to give up and say, “whatever happens will happen.”

But this was my child. Her future. And every time I wanted to give up, I had to shake it off. I had to trust God with the outcome, but also knew that as His child, I could hope in the promises I found in His Word. And yes, it was scary to step out in faith, not knowing what the future held, but I had to keep trusting.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I can’t stop reiterating how important trusting God is when you’re in a situation and you don’t always know what to do, or what the outcome will be.  After choosing to blindly trust God through Kennedi’s injury, today’s Play Prediction manifested itself in a way that still continues to blow my mind.

You see, after I received the written MRI report that I shared last week, I contacted the medical facility where Kennedi’s original MRI was completed in July of 2018. Once again, we had just received the verbal report from the MRI that her PCL was completely torn, without being given the written report with specific details.

Kennedi MRI 2018_2019

After I received and read through the extensive original report, my mouth dropped in disbelief at the magnitude of injuries that Kennedi had experienced.

I truly believe it was a blessing for us not knowing the extent of her injuries at that time – given the devastation we were feeling as a result of the PCL injury, I honestly don’t know how we would have mentally handled all the additional injuries that were reported.

I’d like to think that it wouldn’t have mattered, and our faith would have been just as strong, but you just never know.

But in the end, God knew the detail of each injury. And as we prayed for Him to heal Kennedi’s knee, He did just that, even though we had no idea how much healing He was doing. It was truly exceedingly, abundantly, and immeasurably more than I even knew!

God did all that for my baby girl! A sea of emotions still swells up inside me every time I think about it. I’m just so grateful for every promise, every word in the Bible that I can hold on to and can trust in for my life and my family.

So today, I just want to encourage you to continue reading His word, continue trusting Him and what He has promised you. And then pray, ask, and believe in what you read in the Bible.

He is able to exceed each and every prayer, thought, hope, and dream.

Just. Trust. Him.


It has been my battle cry for the last year – just how Nike tells us to Just Do It, I’m begging you to Just Trust God. As difficult as it can be, as painful as it is, as your heart can sometimes break into a thousand pieces, can you push past all that, and have the mental fortitude to just trust Him?

It will be worth it. I promise.

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