As I Find Myself Awaiting More Testing Results

Yesterday I found myself in the MRI waiting room, while Kassadi’s knee was being imaged. A few weeks earlier, I had taken her to the orthopedic doctor for what was supposed to be a routine follow-up after she had been prescribed physical therapy for some growing pains she’d been experiencing.

As the doctor was checking her, Kassadi shared that she would periodically have some pain in her right knee, so the doctor ordered an X-ray. The X-ray showed something concerning and an MRI was ordered to determine the source of her pain.

Next, the doctor proceeded to share the different outcomes that could be expected, along with the worst-case scenario. Which included surgery…

And there it went – a seed was planted. I refused to water it, determined to suppress any fear that would try to spring from her words.

After weeks of waiting for an authorization from our insurance company, I found myself back at the same radiology center that I had just taken Kennedi a few months earlier.

I was back in the same dressing room and watched Kass put on the same oversized medical gown.

But there was something a bit different this time. It was my level of peace. During Kennedi’s appointment, I was actively fighting off fear and worry the entire time, but during this visit peace was my constant companion.

Ever since the doctor gave her hypothesis for what was going on with Kassadi’s knee, I had been speaking against it, touching and praying for her knee, and reaffirming to her that she is healthy and whole.

I’m realizing more and more that my children are also going through these same faith fights, and they may not be as strong as I am in fighting off worry and anxiety. As a spiritual Mama Bear, it is my job to swat fear away as it approaches them and help re-direct their thoughts and encourage their faith.

I was going through my phone and found some thoughts I posted on social media when Kassadi had her 1st MRI about 4 years ago after an ankle injury while playing soccer. She had been in a boot for weeks and wasn’t getting any better, so an MRI was ordered to determine the nature of her injury.

Because she was so little, they allowed me to stay in the room with the technician and draped me with the proper protection. I remember the loud noise during the imaging being so unsettling, and I was fighting a number of emotions while standing in that corner and watching my baby lying down on that machine.

Below is an excerpt of what I posted after that experience:

As I was in the room with Kass yesterday during the MRI for her ankle, I was reminded of the message we heard on Sunday at VICCC. We couldn’t be there in person, so we streamed from the couch while icing the girls’ ankles. I’m so grateful for the message we received, one that even at their young ages, they were able to understand and are utilizing. We have keys and weapons to use against any attack of the enemy: 

  1. The name of Jesus – at the mention of His name, all evil must come into submission. His name is a strong tower, the righteous run in and they are safe (I’m camping out in this strong tower).
  2. Faith-filled words – watching everything we say about their bodies. We walk (and run, jump, kick, dance, etc) in Divine Health. By His stripes the girls are healed. Any broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments are rebuked in the name of Jesus (back to #1!)
  3. The Blood of Jesus – it will never lose its power!! I plead the resurrecting power of the blood over their entire bodies. Their bodies must respond to my authority through my righteousness.
  4. The Word of our Testimony – this post is my testimony in advance of seeing their healing manifest. I choose faith over fear and know that NO weapon that is formed over my family will EVER prosper!!

The enemy and his minions tried it on my family, but as usual, we win, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.

My goodness, tears are rolling down my face after reading that, not having any idea then how critical and vital these four weapons and strategies would be after Kennedi’s injury just 2 years later. And how the words I spoke then continue to manifest now and will cover them for the rest of their lives.

Kassadi’s MRI back then came back with a good report – she had experienced some tissue damage that would heal with rest. And I know she will receive another good report this time as well.

And I never did post about Kennedi’s MRI report, did I?

The Word of our Testimony is coming… And I promise the report is absolutely worth the wait!  Our God performed a AAA miracle –  Amazing, Astonishing, and Astounding!


It seems that so many people are facing health challenges. Today’s challenge is to use the 4 strategies mentioned above on whatever sickness, injury, or disease that you or your loved ones may be facing. Utilize these strategies every day, no matter what it looks like, no matter what it feels like, no matter what the doctor’s report says. You ARE an Overcomer!

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