Why You Must Shut Your Trap!

As we are waiting on God to answer our prayers while moving forward in our lives, it’s time for our weekly check-in.

Last week we discussed being still and letting God fight our battles. An important part about being still is also BEING QUIET!

Our words are just so powerful and can literally change a situation to make it better or worse.

When we are praying for something and later speak destructively about the same thing, we are negating our prayers. And then we wonder why God hasn’t answered them – it’s because we are blocking Him!

This could happen to any of us if we are not careful:

  • We are praying for our marriage, but then say, “You’re a terrible husband (or wife)!”
  • We are praying for our child, but then say, “You will never change!”
  • We are praying for improvement to our work situation, but then say, “This is the worst place ever to work, I hate it here!”
  • We are praying for an improvement in our finances, but then say, “I will never get out of debt!”

Sometimes we are just so used to speaking certain negative words over ourselves and have been talking that way for years. Yet we wonder why our situation has never changed, despite all the years we’ve been praying.

Yes, the habit of saying certain words and phrases can be tough to break, but you must! It is imperative so that your prayers can be answered and not hindered.

This week determine if your words are lining up with your prayers. If not, just be quiet, and let your prayers be all that you vocalize about your situation.

Some of you may have some pretty intense situations going on, and “think before you speak” just doesn’t convey the urgent nature of this directive.

Sometimes you just gotta tell yourself – SHUT YOUR TRAP!! Yes, when we are careless with our words, our mouths can be a trap, locking out our blessings.

Words can be a tool for good or evil. They can either usher in God’s will or unlock Satan’s weapons. Remember there is supernatural activity all around us – both for the Kingdom of Heaven and for the prince of darkness.

Our enemy is just waiting for us to open our mouths and say the wrong thing. Think of him sitting there waiting for the opportunity to pounce, and as soon as you say something negative, he snatches your words, and runs off to make plans to use those very words against you.

Yes, it is that serious! But in the same way, the words of life you speak can also be used by God for you!

Should we just not talk about our issues and struggles? Are we supposed to just keep them bottled up inside? I don’t think that’s necessarily healthy, so we just need to be careful how we tailor and present our words.

We need to find other strong Believers and prayer partners for encouragement, ensuring our conversations are one of life, speaking faith into the future of our situations, and not lamenting on the past or current status. We should share with each other what we’re believing God for and encourage and support each other along the journey.

If you encounter family or friends that are aware of and inquire about your situation, it’s perfectly fine to respond that you don’t want to talk about it. Or you can just speak into your future and state, “All is well.”

Never forget that you have an enemy who is studying you. Stalking you. Spying on you. Trying to get any information he can to defeat you. Think of all your “lines” being tapped.

By letting our mouths run amok, we can give away our weaknesses, allowing our enemy to specifically target his attacks towards those areas.

Avoid communicating negativity in any medium – mouth, email, text, or social media. We must not give our enemy any information that can be used against us. Words and thoughts may be planted in your mind based on intel gathered. You’ll have to decide if you’re going to speak and activate them or ignore them and allow them to drift away.

Lastly, you may have heard the saying, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. If your mind is not focused, thoughts can be easily planted, and then manipulated, and if there is nothing to counter them, they can take root and grow.

Instead of allowing idleness, intentionally feed your mind with positive, encouraging and uplifting information, including the Word of God. Find strategies to help you work and move through the heaviness of each issue until your prayer is answered.


This week be very conscious of the words you are speaking about any troubling situation. Are you sending out tools to elevate or defeat yourself?

Start off with suppressing the negative words you’re speaking, and after you’ve managed that, start replacing your words with positive affirmations about your future.

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

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