Can You REALLY Let Go?

We are a couple of weeks into the new year and new decade. How are all the New Year fast-ers making out? Have you completed your commitment, are you almost to the finish line, or fasting for the entire month?

Were there any prayer requests you had to give completely over to the Lord during your fast? I know I have been praying about some situations that I asked God to intervene on. It just seemed like the way things were going was becoming too hard and unbearable.

I have a track record of turning things over to God to work out, only to take them back again when I felt He had the situation back on track. This usually led to disastrous results, because I prematurely stepped in and halted the plans that God had in progress, by trying to take control over the situation.

The key word here for me is control. Why do I feel like I can run my life better than God can? Why do I also feel like I have to orchestrate things the way I think they should go? Why can’t I just be comfortable in the passenger seat, while He takes the wheel?

That’s like having a firefighter get a burning inferno under control, and then me taking over the water hose. If I’m not trained how to put a fire out, that blaze will just grow out of control again.

Same thing goes with our “fires” in our lives.

We want to hand things over to God when we are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, but then as soon as the situation seems to be going in the right direction, we want to take it back over, and push Him out of the way.

This week’s Play Prediction gives us explicit instructions for how to handle our overwhelming situations:


Get in position (on your knees is usually the optimal position).

Be still.

Don’t do anything.

Go somewhere, have a seat, and watch how God wins you the victory!

We have a promise that God will fight our battles, but we must stay out of His way, and wait on Him while He fights for us.

As God is fighting, we must be disciplined enough to Be Still.

Be Still from orchestrating the outcome we want. Be still from saying destructive, death-giving words.

As we come off our fasts, let’s allow God to complete His plan for our lives.

We’ve prayed, we’ve fasted, we’re still believing that our prayers will be answered.

All that’s left to do is keep out mouths shut, keep our hands to ourselves, and just stand still.

Going forward, whenever you feel tempted to take over, STOP! Think about the consequences. Do you want to go back to square 1? Or even make things worse than they started out to be?

It will take extreme discipline and self-restraint, but isn’t that what we’ve been demonstrating during our fast?

Let’s continue to Just Trust God and watch Him work.

Our testimony is coming…


Do you have a fire burning out of control in your life right now? Can you give the hose over to God and stand back and let Him put it completely out for you, instead of just allowing Him to get it under control?


Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

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