Life is Like a Box a Chocolates? More Like a Game of Chess

Strategic games require the matching of wits with an opponent, and devising a game plan to outwit, outplay, and outlast them.

Most people have played classic strategic games like Chess (still a novice), Checkers (not crazy about it), Battleship (a childhood favorite), and Connect 4 (a life-long favorite).

Usually played between 2 players, each move is a carefully thought-out decision based on the one’s own strategic plan. The opponent then makes a countermove based on the new positioning after the previous move.

Each player may start out with the desired and optimal game plan they believe is needed to achieve victory, but unexpected moves by their opponent may cause them to abandon their well-thought-out strategies for new ones. Each time a player makes a move, their opponent will have to adjust, and redirect based on that previous play.

When playing a novice opponent who may not quite understand the game, their moves won’t threaten our efforts and most times we can proceed to victory without changing our original path.

But while playing against an expert and student of the game, we can expect to be kept on our toes, as we carefully analyze the impact and calculate the possible response to our every move.

Unfortunately, we experience the same kind of strategic opposition every day in our lives. We have a formidable enemy who has thousands of years of experience in deceiving and outmaneuvering mankind.

Every time we make a move that we know will honor God, we should expect and prepare for a countermove from Satan and his army.

Think things are happening by chance? They aren’t. And many are attacks and counterattacks to keep us off our God-directed path.

This week’s Trap Warning challenges us to always be alert, as we have an adversary on the loose, presenting himself as a lion, seeking to completely destroy us.

That’s why our Playbook is so important. The Bible gives us direction and strategies to respond appropriately when facing a challenging move or attack by our enemy.

We may feel cornered, but we must remember our game is not over. We are not defeated no matter how bad it looks. Remember, he is only presenting himself like a lion. Classic deceiver move.

Think about all you’ve learned and all you already knew. Think about all strategies I’ve shared through Destined 4 the Dub.

Think hard and determine what your next move will be. And then fully evaluate that move through the Word of God. If it’s not a direction given by your Playbook, then DON’T make that move.

The appropriate strategy is to Be Still until you know which move you should be making.

Be Still through your tears.

Be Still even with your pain.

Be Still despite that urge to make the disastrous move your human nature is telling you to make.

You do know you have another player that can help you, right? No one ever said life would be fair, so we will do whatever we need to do, in order to defeat Satan.

You have unlimited passes to Phone-A-Friend, which can be used anytime, day or night. The Holy Spirit is your secret weapon – use that pass wisely.

And guess what? He already knows our opponent’s moves. If we listen to His direction, we will most assuredly overcome every play our enemy makes on us.

Have you ever taught a child to play a new game? Despite explaining it to them, and directing which move to make, they will typically make the move THEY want to make, simply because they can. It makes them feel like a big kid! It’s THEIR choice.

How many times do we act like that? Children act like that because they don’t know any better.

And maybe before today, you didn’t either.

But no more excuses. We have too much at stake. Our lives, our families, and our futures are all depending on us making the right move.

We know the enemy’s scheme. Let’s go ahead and win this game.

Then make sure you enjoy and celebrate that victory, but don’t let your guard down.

Another move is coming…


In order to overcome Satan’s attempts to devour us, it is crucial that we don’t make choices or moves against what the Holy Spirit or the Bible is telling us.

What choices and moves have you made that proved to be unwise? In hindsight, what could you have done differently? Did you know that ahead of your move?

Attacks and counterattacks can be draining, especially when there is not much time to rest in between moves. What can you do for relief when the burdens of your attacks just feel like they are too much to bear?

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