Someone is Always Watching, What Do They See in You?

Last December, we took our annual family trip to the Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, PA. I had been waiting all year to finally see their production of Jesus. Several of my friends had went throughout the year, and each one had raved about how amazing it was.

Finally, it was our turn. And as has happened for every production I’ve seen so far, I was sobbing by the end of the show, so moved once again by the story in the Bible being brought to life before my very eyes.

Of course, my favorite scene was Peter walking on the water to Jesus. I shared in a previous blog (which you can find here), why that miracle means so much to me.

In the gift shop following the show, I saw a keychain that had JESUS written across it, with the graphic of Jesus’ hand grabbing Peter’s hand under the water, and I HAD to get it. I had just purchased a new vehicle the day before, and I wanted to be reminded of this miracle every day.

Whenever I take my car to be serviced, I proudly hand over my keychain with the word JESUS prominently displayed, as it allows me to be a witness for Him without even saying a word.

A few weeks ago, we were going out to eat and pulled up to the valet stand. The young man took my keys and handed me my ticket. When my husband arrived a short time later, he saw my key in the young man’s hand (the JESUS gave it away) but noticed that my remote was missing from the chain.

Kenny asked the valet where the rest of the keychain was, and he responded that it was given to him that way. So, Kenny came in the restaurant to inquire about the missing part. I assured him that I gave him my keychain fully intact, and we both went outside to investigate.

There were 2 young men working, and the one who took my key looked very anxious and worried. He had asked another valet from an adjacent restaurant to assist him with the abundance of cars, and somehow my remote had become dislodged from the actual key.

Kenny looked down the parking lot row and saw something black in the street. He pointed it out to the valet, who took off in the direction of the black object. But before he could reach it, a car ran over it. Now if this had happened a few years ago, I probably would have overreacted in a screaming rant that I would have regretted later that evening.

But I have really been focused on being thoughtful when responding to tense situations, instead of reacting based on impulsive feelings, so I stood there and waited for the young man to return.

He brought the remote back to us, full of scratches, tire marks, and a bit dinged up. But thankfully it still worked just fine.

I had Kenny file a claim with the valet company, just to be on the safe side. I wanted to get an extra key, just in case mine was truly damaged and stopped working sometime later.

After dinner, we were sitting outside waiting on the car, and there was a new valet working. We shared what happened earlier, and he informed us that any damage to the cars comes directly out of their pay. I had no idea! I thought the valet company carried insurance for these kinds of issues.

Our original valet returned to the stand and I called him over. I asked if my claim was submitted to replace my keychain, would he be responsible for covering the cost, and he confirmed. I told him not to worry about it, and that I wouldn’t be calling anything in.

Even though it was his fault, I knew we could afford to replace it, where it might have been a financial burden for him to do so. I wanted to display grace and show him that my JESUS keychain stood for something.

Like today’s Steady State reminder, we should always be aware that we are representing Christ. So, whether we are interacting with our co-workers, a local business salesperson, our children’s teacher, the server at our favorite restaurant, or the nurse caring for our loved one – we should be the Light of the World.

The next time your meal comes out wrong, or the cashier is slow ringing up your order, think about the message you want to send as you respond. How will that response represent Christ? Would He be proud or ashamed of your behavior and words?

Let’s ensure we choose to be a positive reflection of His light every time. We may be the only example of God’s love someone experiences that day. Let’s leave an imprint on people’s hearts. One grace-filled response at a time.


How are you being a witness in your community?

Can people tell there is something different about you based on the way you interact with them?

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

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