Ready or Not, It’s Coming…

Last week we entered the final quarter of 2019.

At this time of year, goal-conscientious people usually start assessing their progress against the targets they set out for in the beginning of the year. Businesses start evaluating their metrics to gauge how their year-end numbers are tracking.

How are you making out so far? Have you been able to accomplish many of the goals that you set in January? What do you still want (or need) to achieve before December 31st? Or have you just been living life as it comes at you, without a plan for the future?

Think of a Championship basketball game – what happens in the team huddle before the team start of the 4th quarter? Hopefully the coach has evaluated the pulse of the game to that point and knows what the team is capable of accomplishing, given the talent, skill, and preparation they have built throughout the entire season.

Depending on how strong the team started out, and based on their consistency throughout the game, adjustments are made, and strategies are formed to bring home the Dub when the clock reads 0:00.

Or consider this in terms of another sport – the grueling 400-meter run in Track and Field. This was my least favorite event when I ran track in high school. I remember hiding in bathrooms, under bleachers, in cars, doing whatever I could to try to get out of running it. Anyone who has ever competed in the 400 can attest to the massive invisible bear that jumps on your back after you have run three-quarters of the race.

It’s critical to get a strong start in that first 100 meters to position yourself in the race, and coaches will teach different strategies to their runners for the optimal performance. But no matter what strategy is used, once you hit that 300 mark on the final curve, your body just wants to shut down and find relief from the extreme physical exertion your body has endured to that point.

But stopping is not an option – the combination of training and sheer willpower will determine the winner of the race. And although every runner wants to cross the finish line first, no matter what place they finish in, if they’ve beaten their previous time and achieved a personal best, that’s still a victory to celebrate.

Perhaps you’ve had a challenging, disappointing, or even lack-luster 2019 performance up to this point. Be Encouraged!  You still have one more quarter to go – only 100 meters left to run. Shake that bear off your back – your race to 2020 is not done yet. You have time to strategize and determine what adjustments need to be made in your life before the ball drops in Times Square.

And not to freak you out or anything, but we are not just finishing out the year – we will also be ending another decade! Now I have never made plans and goals for a decade, but I will be planning for this upcoming one as there will be some major changing impacting my life. In this next decade our girls will be leaving for college and we’ll be Empty Nesters (Wait…WHAT???)

The 1920’s were known as the Roaring 20’s because of the dramatic changes that occurred in American Society culturally, socially, and financially. I have no idea how history will remember the current decade we are closing out, or the new one we are approaching, but personally, I’m expecting and planning for my own Roaring 20’s kicking off in January.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘you can’t keep doing the same things, and expect different results’? Well, now that I’ve finally opened up my gifts, I’m committed to fully leaping out of my comfort zone and focusing on fulfilling every purpose for which God put me on this earth. Destined 4 the Dub will be expanding to do greater ministry, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to write books and articles to share the gospel.

It’s crazy how something can be scary and exciting at the same time! But the key will be taking heed to this week’s Steady State Scripture – ensuring that every step I take is with purpose and working to eliminate wasteful and time-stealing habits and practices that hinder my progress towards my goals (I’m eyeballing you Facebook).

So, when you get your Census surveys next year, think of this specific blog and be reminded that the 1st Quarter of 2020 is in the books, and you only have 3 more quarters left to achieve those goals.

And remember, goals – without a plan of action – are just dreams.

Runners take your mark (position yourselves to meet those goals!)

Set (Are you ready to do this?)



Are you happy with your personal, spiritual, and professional progress so far in 2019?

If not, what changes, adjustments, and strategies can be made to ensure you finish out the year and decade strong?

Consider goal-planning for not only 2020, but your own personal 20s decade. What would you like to achieve by 2030?

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

2 thoughts on “Ready or Not, It’s Coming…

  1. I can never get enough of your posts! At the moment I begin reading them, I don’t know how you will bring each title full circle but every time, I am left with a fresh perspective and a new drive to seek more. This one was no different. I can’t believe I never placed this decade ending into perspective…yikes! Just thinking about you saying you will be empty nesters in the new decade, while I am not ready to acknowledge that yet LOL, the reality is my girls will be of adult age and we will be in a brand new chapter of life, however God chooses to map that out for us. Now I am thinking of the desires I have for them, and for myself and my husband. Thinking about how much change can come in one decade. At the beginning of this decade we were just becoming parents and raising our little family and this decade has boomed with so much development. Its funny because as I was wondering what the new decade could bring, I had a moment of reflection about how much has happened in this one. At first, I went right to the negative thinking of all that I desired to yet accomplish and wondering how I could plan to meet those goals moving forward, but God snatched me just now and reminded me at the leaps and bounds that have occurred in the last ten years. I’ve celebrated milestones in my personal life, relationship and family, my autistic daughter went from not speaking to getting up and talking in front of people. My youngest daughter has blossomed into this free-thinking machine of genius, comedy and love that melts my heart every time I interact with her. My husband and myself have both become college graduates, something that is a milestone in our personal lives and our families! I have also gotten through some of the hardest moments of my life. But most of all God has kept me! In those moments, you feel like you are hanging on by a thread but to look back and see every moment I thought I would not get through or just did not know how I would get through…I am through them. And that reminded me of His infallible promises. So moving forward, this year has seemed a little challenging spiritually but I believe it was a set up. God has pushed me and showed me how to seek Him more than ever. And so as I round out this last quarter, I am going to make plans with the the belief that I have God’s divine direction to achieve the goals I have been asking Him to bring about. Thank you so much for the challenge. Every day is another opportunity to meet those goals or work on the plan and I am determined to do exactly as you wrote, start walking away from time-wasters, become intentional about the way God wants me to live and what He wants out of my life, harnessing my gifts and cultivating my children’s gifts and seeking God for there optimal use, laying another layer of foundation of kingdom-centered thinking. Not that God is a part of life but He is LIFE and He brings the abundance! Thank you for being you!

    1. Whew!! You wore me out with this post! What a testimony you have! Isn’t it amazing what we discover when we take the time to reflect on our past and how God’s hand has been there throughout it all?

      I’m SSOO excited for what 2020 and beyond holds for you and your family! Miracle upon miracle upon miracle! In Jesus Name!

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