Is It Wrong To Question God?

I lost my friend a few weeks ago. When I received an early morning text about her grave condition, I began to immediately and fervently pray, and had unwavering faith that God would do the impossible and heal her.

As I was praying for her, I recalled the last time I saw her, a few weeks earlier. It was at a local township festival, at which I had planned on leaving hours earlier. I noticed her daughters passing out flyers for their church. I excitedly asked where their mom was, so I could stop by and say hello, and they pointed me in the direction of their tent. After two rounds of walking through the park, I finally found her, gave her a big hug, and shared a private joke. Then I went on my merry way, until we met for the next time.

Only there would be no next time. When I received the update that she passed away a few days later, I was in disbelief. BUT GOD??? Your Word says if we had faith, we could move mountains (Matthew 17:20). Your Word says that we could lay hands on the sick and they would be healed (Mark 16:18). Your Word says that Life and Death is in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and she always spoke Life over herself!

I just didn’t understand, and I questioned God. I needed Him to help me understand why the prayers, declarations, and faith of so many people went seemingly unanswered.

Now, well-meaning folks are quick to say “You shouldn’t question God”. But I just didn’t subscribe to that. Yes, I knew He was sovereign, but I also believed that He didn’t mind when I asked Him questions for my own understanding, with the purpose of strengthening my relationship with Him and getting to know Him better.

I question God ALL the time! Not in a disrespectful manner, but as His daughter I truly don’t think He minds me asking about certain things I’m experiencing. I ask as I’m seeking Him in the situation, to get to know Him better, to understand what I need to learn from it, and so that I can have peace when thoughts may take me in the wrong direction.

When I ask, in His own way, God almost always answers me. I know God came pretty hard at Job when he questioned Him about all the devastating loss he had experienced, but I was thankful that my responses have been much more tender.

I believe since I was adopted into His family when I asked his son Jesus into my heart, I had the privilege of coming to God with any question, and He welcomed my spiritual curiosity.

I desired an answer, but I didn’t press the issue. I knew He would respond in His own timing. During the praise and worship portion of Ebony’s Homegoing Service, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. We were singing a song that held such a powerful meaning to her, “Miracles, Signs, and Wonders”.

I thought about when she blinked multiple times after the Prayer Service for her healing the night before she passed. And I kept thinking, why would He give us that Sign when He was still going to take her? And as we sang the line “He’s a Miracle Worker”, He responded to me that her blinking was a Sign that God was absolutely able to heal her, but it simply was not in His plan.

My next human response should have been WHY? But I didn’t ask anything else. I was just grateful for the answer and praised Him in Thanksgiving for His response in that moment.

I knew I couldn’t begin to comprehend His ways or thoughts. All I could do was trust them. This was all according to His plan.

I know we are commanded to be strong in the Lord (Ephesians 6:10), and endure to the end (Matthew 24:13), but sometimes… just sometimes the pain can be too much.

I thought about it more, and even Jesus questioned God when He was on the cross –

My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46)

In his suffering and torment, Jesus cried out to His Father. I believe sometimes we get so overwhelmed with life’s circumstances, and we just desire some level of understanding to what it is we are going through, no matter how insignificant the reply may seem.

In our agony we want to ask:

-Why did my spouse cheat/leave?

-Why am I sick?

-Why did I lose my home?

-Why was I fired/laid off?

-Why is my child struggling?

-Why did my loved one have to die?

And I think those are all perfectly reasonable questions that we can humbly ask God. We are human after all, and hearing from God helps the healing process, especially when a mental transition is required to enter a new chapter of life.

And I truly believe that when I get to heaven, all will be revealed, and I will understand the answers to all the “Why’s” that I’ve asked throughout the years. But until then, my best option is to continue to Just Trust Him.


Do you have a question for God? In genuine humbleness, ask Him whatever you will, and then wait in expectation for a response.

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

8 thoughts on “Is It Wrong To Question God?

  1. As always thank you for sharing. The past few weeks in addition to daily responsibilities have been quite trying. Thank you for reminding me that, in humble curiosity, with the intention of increasing our faith and learning Him better, it is ok to ask God questions. I believe it is all part of building a relationship with Him and as you said, truly trusting Him. How can we believe Him if we don’t trust Him. Some areas you have to trust Him because you have no other choice and other areas you have to choose to trust Him because other choices are available but are not what’s best for us. I have had the “pleasure” of being in both situations. It is hard but through so much confirmation lately, both of your recent posts are encouraging me that it will be alright and I know it will be because I can come to God with my concerns and trust that His peace with hold me until the answers come my way. We need that to hold onto or we lose hope. Our kids trust us because even when we don’t have answers we reassure them that we will be there for them. There have been times I didn’t have the answer but comforted my kids with those words and a tight mommy hug. How much better is our outcome with God who does have all the answers. Truly encouraging and reminding one another keeps us together, mentally and emotionally. These posts have encouraged me so much and I look forward to all God is blessing you to share for the uplifting of His people. Sometimes, in the moment, you really don’t see how things will get better or how certain situations will resolve in your favor but all we have is our confidence in Him, to be able to be open and honest with Him and learn to truly trust Him. Love and appreciate you so much!

    1. Sheera, in the past 2 months I’ve heard the story of Peter walking in water in different sermons, shared different ways. I’m truly convinced that it’s all about our focus. Those waves get brutal and threaten to slap us all around, but as long as HE is in the storm with us, everything will be ok. My daily affirmation – even when it doesn’t look right – Just Trust God ❤️

  2. Wow…this truly blessed me. I have to questioned God about the storms in my life, BUT GOD!…JESUS questioned His dad and so did I, not trusting Him any less just wanted answers. And my question was answered. My son Tonio is a miracle, he wasn’t suppose to be here but yet he’s still alive, so for that God I Thank You. I should of read this long ago. Thanks cuz…this really blessed my soul…LOVE YOU💜

    1. Praise God! What a blessing to read this, truly an answer to prayer. I was writing in my journal last night and was doing the same thing… like a curious child I just want my Heavenly Father to help me understand. And I know he will answer me. Yes Tonio is an absolute miracle, because of your prayers and faith, God has responded and done the miraculous. And He’s not done yet. We continue to walk by faith – he Will have the victory, in Jesus Name! Love you too!

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