You Prayed About It, But Do You Believe?

I considered not blogging this week.

We are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, getting a do-over from last year – the fabulous trip I had anticipated for months had been derailed by Kennedi’s injury. Today I laughed when I passed the ice machine near our room, jokingly telling Kenny that it would have been perfect for our nightly 3-hour rotation last year, as we took turns for the ice runs necessary to combat Kennedi’s swollen leg.

This time around there are no expectations, except to enjoy quality family time. I’ve been experiencing the simple joy of watching her walking to the beach on her own, when last year it was such a struggle to carry her wheelchair and keep her balanced on her crutches under the ever-shifting sand. Sometimes we need to be reminded to appreciate the little things we tend to take for granted.

This week, I decided to share a memory from a previous family vacation that still makes me smile in thankfulness every time I reminisce about it.

Some years ago, the girls competed in a track meet in Orlando, and because of their varying events, we managed to have one day where neither of them had events. I usually tried to fit a day or two of fun in, when we traveled for their sports.

You can always expect some time of inclement weather in that part of Florida during the summer months. We made plans to drive to Tampa on our day off to visit Busch Gardens, and unfortunately, that particular day had the worst forecasted weather of the week. Thunderstorms were predicted to start at noon and continue for the rest of the day.

That day I woke my family up early, determined to make use of the morning and enjoy some of what the park had to offer. I fussed for them to hurry up so we could get there as soon as the park opened.

As we started on our journey, I suggested we pray together for safe traveling mercies and a great day together at the park. We included a prayer asking God to hold back the storms and then rolled down the windows to command the storms not come our way so we could enjoy the entire day at the park.

When we arrived, the sky was full of swirling gray clouds and as we paid for parking, the attendant notified us that a storm was coming. He gave us the park’s inclement weather guide to inform us which attractions would be open during the rain. I continued to fuss for everyone to hurry up as we walked through the entrance of the park, not even allowing my family to enjoy the numerous sights.

And then it hit me… Where was my faith? I had just prayed with my family, but my actions displayed that I didn’t believe our prayers were going to be answered.

Today’s Offensive Strategy is an important reminder for us – what good is praying for something we if don’t believe that God will answer?

As we waited in line for the 1st ride, Kennedi mentioned how dark the sky was again – and I told the girls, if we walk by faith and not by sight, it didn’t matter what the sky looked like. If we believed in what we prayed for and declared, then we needed to act like it, and not worry about the weather.

Just after I finished talking to them, a voice came over the loudspeaker stating the ride was closed due to incoming inclement weather. REALLY GOD? After I just explained having faith for our situation to the girls? We all sat on the ground in silence, and I waited on God for the next step while I silently continued to pray.

About 20 minutes passed, and the voice came back on the loudspeaker announcing that the ride was starting again. We jumped to our feet in excitement and I audibly offered thanks to God with sincere gratefulness. And we proceeded to enjoy every bit of Busch Gardens until the park closed that night; even though the sky remained cloudy and gray throughout the day, not a drop of rain fell from the sky!

This story may seem like a little thing for some of you that are facing life-altering storms. But I interrupted my vacation just to let you know – there is nothing too little or too big for Him. He can handle anything you send His way – He cares that much about you.

So, go ahead and ask what you need Him to do for you. And then believe…


Is there something you’ve prayed about, but are struggling to believe that God will answer?

What steps can you take to transform your thinking so you can believe that God will answer your prayer? And after your thinking has changed, what actions can you change that will demonstrate your belief?

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  1. Thanks for taking time out of your vacation to do this. I needed that message today. “No matter what it looks like just keep going”

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