An Even Exchange – Anxiety for Peace

Last week I shared about the anxiety I was dealing with, as new challenges and difficult situations kept sprouting up in my life. A week has passed, and there is still no change in the outcomes (at least not for the major ones that continue to loom overhead), but I’m determined to stay focused on last week’s Defensive Strategy.

I breathe a sigh of relief about the next verse and this week’s Play Prediction: IF I follow the Defensive move in verse 6, THEN I can have the Promise in verse 7.

When I can release the anxiousness and worrying, my mind is then opened to allow God’s peace in. And the reassurance of His peace can calm me down, all while refocusing my attention.

Yes, I had been worried about certain outcomes taking place, but those outcomes were based on my personal assumptions, given the surrounding and supporting facts that I’d observed.

My mind had come to the conclusion – since X happened, then Y will be the resulting outcome. This is what our scripture means by “understanding”. I am coming up with my assumed conclusion, based on my personal reasoning skills. So, I am basically forming an opinion of what I believe will happen in the future, based on the observations I’ve made from past situations.

Who else is guilty of trying to predict the future, and then working yourself up over that faulty prediction? Or is it just me?

I had to intentionally rest in the peace of trusting God with the entire situation, which will keep my mind safe-guarded until He addresses the situation like only HE can.

So, after prayer and petition from last week’s instructions, I visualized God putting my request in his spiritual file cabinet. To be honest, I’d rather it not be filed away, and be answered immediately instead. But I know each test is building my faith, my character, and my testimony. So I’ll just have to keep waiting. And growing. And sighing – sometimes loudly.

As I’m waiting for my file to be pulled, God’s peace is overshadowing my assumptions, and it’s guarding my heart and mind through Jesus Christ. And that’s a great defense against the constant onslaught from my spiritual enemies.

The lessons learned here?

1) We can’t foresee the future, so we need to stop letting our poor prediction skills of the future disrupt our present lives.

2) We can make an even exchange – our anxiety for God’s peace. No takebacks.

3) We are developed during the wait for our answer. So no rushing God! And try not to sigh.

Are you ready to make that exchange? If so, there’s a God-wrapped package of peace with your name on it. Go ahead trade with Him! I promise you won’t regret it.


We can always find something to worry about, if we allow ourselves to focus on the wrong things and then try to predict our future. What predictions have you already made that are causing anxiety?

How can you drop your assumptions and predictions of what you are worried or fearful for, and imagine a completely positive outcome instead? What is the most favorable outcome you can think of? Do you believe it could happen?

Make a decision to follow the instructions in Philippians 4:6-7, and then trust God to exceed your expectations. Exchange your anxiety for His peace.

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

7 thoughts on “An Even Exchange – Anxiety for Peace

  1. If I’m being honest, I expected this weeks blog to be a running list of how God answered everything from last week. I’m thankful for the transparency of this blog, reminding me what to do while waiting. Many times I take a scripture and hold onto it without reading the instructions provided before and after it. Instead of worrying, currently I’m reminding myself I don’t have control, but I have the ability to influence my situation by what course of action I take as directed by the Word.

    1. I wish! That would have been great, but it was not to be! Honestly, when I wrote last week’s, I was hoping this blog would have been more of a praise report. But I’m thankful for the journey. And as I was going back on past blogs (which I tend to do often for needed inspiration!) I saw that the May 29th blog (I’ve Blocked It, I’ve Rejected It, Now What?) is the NEXT VERSE after this one!! So now we know what to think on while we’re waiting!

  2. Constant worry and fear takes a costly toll. It has kept me up at night and made me edgy throughout the day. I can relate, my anxious thoughts are fueled by beliefs.

    1. So true. And for me it put me in such a bad mood, made me snap at my family, and I lost time that I could never get back.

      I had to continuously work to change my beliefs, and just trust God with the unknown.

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