Content in the State I’m In (even when ready to move to a new state)

The last few months have been tough to endure. Indoor track season was fast and furious, and the track athletes that we are friends with were having amazing club and high school seasons. I followed their accomplishments, celebrating their success, while also battling my own personal disappointment that Kennedi couldn’t join them. Social media got … Continue reading Content in the State I’m In (even when ready to move to a new state)

Choosing to Hate or Celebrate

I have a confession. I’m a recovering Hater. OMG, I can’t believe I just typed that. I’m getting better, but I sometimes may struggle to be happy for other athletes’ success if mine aren’t experiencing the same or greater success. Ugh – now you know my terrible secret. I’ve asked God to help me, but … Continue reading Choosing to Hate or Celebrate

Uncovering Hidden gods

The Ten Commandments. Almost everyone has heard of them, and the more popular ones are quoted often: Thou Shall Not Kill. Thou Shall Not Steal. Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery. Most of us Believers probably just skim over the 1st Commandment, as we typically don’t have golden statues or other deities that we worship or … Continue reading Uncovering Hidden gods

Healing for a Broken Heart

This past week has been one of heartbreak.  A little over a week ago, my husband contacted me, letting me know that his Aunt Mable passed away. Kennedi had my phone when the message came through, and she just cried in my arms - her response to a broken heart. Kassadi had a similar reaction … Continue reading Healing for a Broken Heart