The Journey from Test to Testimony

I didn’t want to blog I this week. I honestly didn’t even want to get out of bed for the last couple of days. After the multiple challenges I experienced immediately following last week’s blog, I was questioning if I should even continue with this.

I think God decided it was testing time (yet again), to determine if I really mean what I blog about.

No matter who reads or follows – I can say with all certainty that this blog is primarily for ME, as I find myself continuously having to come back and re-read blogs for encouragement and direction when I find myself in certain predicaments. It is my record of what God has brought me through, so if I ever find myself doubting him, I can come here and be reminded of all the victories He’s already won for me.

After my initial reaction to our family’s ordeal, my husband called me out and asked if I even believed what I was writing, as my words and actions were not in line with how I’ve been encouraging others to respond.

I had to really meditate on the theme of this blog and resolve in my mind that I was not going to give up this battle to my enemy. I AM Destined 4 the Dub, and I’m determined to defeat him, no matter how many or what kind of battles I face. I know I have the power, the promises, and the authority to overcome every weapon he is using against me and my family.

So, as I’m positioning to continue through this storm, here are some lessons that I want to share that are crucial on the path to victory:

  1. Where you worship and the body of Believers you fellowship with really does matter. It’s important that you are being taught the Word of God, and who you are, in and through God. Your Identity is everything. Are you a child of God? Are you victorious through His power? Are you more than a conqueror, no matter what it is you’re facing?
  2. It is critical to have a core group of praying, encouraging and Bible-believing (and Bible-quoting!) friends to keep you focused and encouraged. Even the strongest of us have to take a knee every now and then. Make sure you have Believers who will hold you up in prayer and encouragement until you can re-position yourself and get your 2nd wind.
  3. You must know the Word of God and how it is applicable to your situation. Every attack, no matter the form, needs a scriptural counter-attack. This blog is a great resource to refer to for scripture, or you can just Google to find scriptures about specific topics. Once you find them, meditate on them and ask God how they apply to your situation. The Life Application Bible is a great resource to understand the scriptures more clearly.
  4. Once you have and understand the promises from the Bible that are relevant to your situation, you must stand resolutely on it, and not be swayed by the changing circumstances swirling around you. The attack may intensify, as the enemy tries to dissuade you from what you are believing for by faith. Keep looking to Jesus, and don’t take your focus off your promise, otherwise you will start sinking like Peter did. If you are having trouble believing, speak the same words Thomas did, “Lord I believe, Help my unbelief!”

This is a vital component of my battle-plan as I’m going through this storm. Even though I’m in the midst of uncertainty,  nothing has changed about the below key truths that I’ve recently blogged about:

  • I’m being careful about what I expose my mind to. If that means I can’t talk, text, or hang out with some of my friends, it is what it is. Social media time is also drastically reduced as there are simply too many distractions.
  • My family’s future remains unchanged, God was not shocked or taken by surprise with the recent events in my life. He knew exactly what was going to happen. And His plan has already made accommodations to ensure His purpose and plan will still be fulfilled.
  • God’s angels have been on duty the entire time. Although I wish some things didn’t occur, I’m sure an even worse outcome was prevented. I must trust God in the midst of my current circumstances, even though I don’t understand why.
  • When fearful thoughts try to invade my mind, I remind myself that God is my Shepherd, my Father, my Protector, my Comforter, my Defender, and my Peace (that last one is key – I’ve had to call on Jehovah Shalom for His peace, multiple times each day, when I feel myself getting worked up).
  • And lastly, I must remember to be still. This isn’t the same as doing nothing. Being still is resisting the urge to strategize and mastermind my own (or my loved one’s) deliverance or rescue. Even though it’s hard to tell from my human vantage point, God is still in complete control of the situation. He is intentionally monitoring, and knows what’s coming next, and has divinely ordered my pathway.

When it gets difficult to be still, I think on today’s Formation Scripture. We are directed to just position ourselves (as in my strategy above), then be still, and watch our Deliverer and Savior win the battle for us. We are not even supposed to fight – this is God’s battle – He’s our Redeemer and will come through strong on our behalf.

So when the urge to take over hits me again, I need to decide – either I’m going to try to handle it, or I’m going to release it over for Him to handle for me. We both can’t do it.

Even though I don’t know how this will end, all I need to know if that it WILL end with my Victory!


  1. As you are going through a difficult situation, what is your position? Are you responding by natural means? If so, what kind of results are you seeing?


  1. Do you trust God enough to let Him fight this battle for you? Or are you struggling to give up control of what you think the correct response(s) should be?


  1. What would you need to change, in order to Be Still?

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…




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Child of God. Wife of 20 years to basketball fanatic and coach. Mom to teenage daughters and amazing athletes. Tonya is an award-winning author whose writing has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul and Guideposts magazine. Her first book, Using God’s Playbook for the Game of Life: 52 Scriptures Your Young Athlete Should Know Before Sending Them Off Into the World was released in October 2022.

2 thoughts on “The Journey from Test to Testimony

  1. In response to the question regarding my positioning in a difficult situation, I would have to say my first thought is to rely on God and speak to Jesus about my feelings about the matter. I trust God will fix it and things will work out while I also find myself trying to take it over as if I know what I’m really doing, especially when it concerns my family. I feel I want to always save them or shield them from experiences they incur. I want there lives to be spared from struggle or grief, knowing well enough that’s not in my control, it’s just a part of that fighter in me.

    1. Josie that is such a natural response, especially for those of us who our mothers. Our ‘mama bear’ instincts kick in and we want to come to the rescue, sometimes interfering with God’s role in our lives. My goal is to instinctively rely on God when faced with a distressing situation – I fail most times, but I am definitely a work in progress! Thank you for reading and sharing!

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