Who Will You Tell?

After the melee (see last week’s post), things had somewhat settled down in Dave & Buster’s, we figured it was best to stay in the facility since it was still on lock-down. To soothe the kids’ nerves, we allowed them to go back and play and get prizes for their tickets.

I noticed one of our party hosts sitting by himself on the other side of the room, and I went over to check on him, as he had been particularly kind and helpful throughout the party.

I asked him how he was holding up, and I shared that we were good and all the children were safe and sound. His response was something along the lines of “You gotta give God praise for that!” I smiled and said I already did, and that I’d been praying this entire time.

The boldness this young man displayed left me in awe. He had no idea about my spiritual background, whether or not I even believed in God, but he was not ashamed to use this opportunity to share the gospel with me. And off we got to talking, each sharing our faith. He told me during the frightening ordeal, he had gathered as many kids as possible into a back room and barricaded the door with a table and his body. He stated he was ready to meet the Lord if it was his time.

Kennedi soon joined us, and he talked to her about making honorable choices with all the challenges she faced, and that she didn’t have to be perfect, and was going to make mistakes. He shared about first receiving the Lord at age 17, and being committed to keeping himself for marriage, and honoring that vow before God. He encouraged her to find a spiritual mentor that would give her Godly advice, and about the importance of her circle of friends, and how they influence the decisions she makes.

Yep, all the things I tell her on a regular basis, but somehow they seemed to be received differently coming from someone closer to her age, who she could relate to more than me. Yes, it IS possible to serve God and still be cool! And what a great reminder that each of us has a circle of influence that we could share the Gospel with.

When Kass came back in the room, I introduced her. He immediate encouraged her as well, about not letting anything take her attention off God or letting anything be more important in her life. As they were talking, she would keep saying “we learned that in G1 youth group…” and would share her response.

We continued to talk, and I shared about the blog, and he shared about his future plans for ministry. He wants to be a worship leader, and I responded that after what I saw today, he should also consider being a youth pastor. His zeal for ministering to young people was quite evident, and he did so with such passion. How refreshing it was to see this young person so on fire for the Lord!

I was so blessed and inspired by this young man, I prayed with him after we talked, and asked God to continue to bless and keep him. And I prayed for his anointing and purpose to be revealed and fulfilled in his life.

When we finally left the restaurant, today’s Steady State verse came to mind. I can remember for years, even though I was a Believer from my youth, I had still been scared and ashamed to share the gospel with people I knew, let alone perfect strangers.

I now know that every time the Holy Spirit has pressed upon my heart to talk about the Gospel, it has always been received well and resulted in an influential encounter. As a younger person, I let many opportunities slip by to share the Good News with someone, simply due to fear of rejection. How many lives could have changed for the better, if only I had not been ashamed? How many people were hurting, and I missed an opportunity to bring healing?

Roy – thank you for your courage to share your beliefs and convictions, even in the midst of the turmoil going on around us that night. Keep shining your light for Jesus Christ! He indeed is the Answer!


Are you ashamed to talk about Jesus to others, or do you freely share the Gospel?

The next time you feel a pressing of the Holy Spirit to speak to someone, do it boldly. There are people that you were specifically designed to reach. Fulfill the Great Commission!

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

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