Angelic Bodyguards on Duty

Last week’s Blog on angelic protection (found here) was so timely – only a few days later…

This past weekend we attended the Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic, which took place at the Convention Center in Washington, DC. This tournament drew thousands of players from 20 different states, and we were excited to see Kassadi play, and if I’m being honest, a bit disappointed that Kennedi could not.

After the first day of play, we headed to Arundel Mills in Hanover, MD, to attend a birthday party for my nephew, who had just turned 13. Due to our sports’ schedule and also my niece and nephew’s schedules (who are pretty impressive athletes in their own right), we sometimes miss each other’s celebrations, so it was great to be able to make this one.

I was really looking forward to a fun evening with my family, to a place we had been many times over the years. The party was at Dave & Buster’s, and the nice thing about the girls getting older was that I didn’t have to follow them to each machine while they played games.

I planned to head into the mall to shop for some athletic gear for the upcoming track season, as I usually found good deals at the Modell’s there. I checked in on the girls while they were playing and gave them a heads up that I was going shopping and would be back soon. I put an alarm on my phone to give me 30 minutes and headed out.

I walked to Modell’s and after browsing for about 10 minutes, I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I walked back towards Dave & Buster’s. I checked my phone and saw I still had time, so I walked past the entrance and decided to go window shopping at a few more stores. After a few steps, I had a change of heart and turned around to go back to D&B’s to check on the girls. Not one to ever give up free time and a chance to shop on my own, later that night I realized it was a pressing of the Holy Spirit to go back. I’ll tell you why a bit later…

I walked back through the doors of D&B’s, and a wave of heat hit me due to the swarms of people in the play/game area. I went past the same game area where I saw the girls earlier, but they weren’t there. So, I decided to go to the party room and see if they had returned there instead.

As soon as I turned the corner to leave the gaming area, I suddenly heard a stampede of footsteps, and crowds of people surged through the game room exits on my right and my left. Adults and children alike ran panicked, looking for a way out. I knew they were fleeing danger and I immediately took authority of my environment by calling out to God for help. I commanded every single angel within the area to find the girls, protect them, and bring them to me. I took cautious steps toward the party room, while calling out ‘The Blood of Jesus’ over and over again.

Looking ahead, Kassadi and my niece Whitney ran out just ahead of me. Sheer terror on their faces, I quickly sigh a “Thank you Jesus” and instruct them to keep moving ahead back to the party room, then I turn to the right and see Kennedi. She’s gotten the girls out of immediate danger, but remained in the room because her phone was knocked out of her hand as people were rushing and pushing by.

Miraculously (I do not say that lightly), I glance to the left of the room, and her phone is on the floor about 10 feet away, with people still running over it (I later find out that location is nowhere near where they had been). I point it out and she rushes to pick it up. With all those people running around, it’s not damaged, cracked, nothing at all. What a small blessing in the midst of greater danger!

I get her safely back to the party room, where people are continuing to run out of the restaurant in groups. My nephew and his friends are still missing, and this causes the girls to break down in hysterical tears, while my sister and brother-in-law continue to look for them. I pull the girls close and keep praying and pleading the blood of Jesus in front of them – I want them to remember that we are never hopeless but have a Savior that we can call on in our direst time of need.

My nephew and some of his friends finally are found and come back into the room, and eventually all the birthday party attendees are found safe and sound. I cry out thanks to God and tell the girls that everyone is safe.

As a parent, I try to model the behavior I want them to exhibit as adults. Even though I hate that this happened, I’m thankful that I could demonstrate how they should call out for spiritual protection if they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation.

In retrospect, we had no clue of what was going on outside those doors. We later came to find out there was a shooting right outside the doors of the Modell’s – the SAME Modell’s that I had just been shopping in several minutes earlier.

I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit leading me to go back to the restaurant instead of continuing with my plan to shop. Dave & Buster’s went on immediate lock down, and if I had still been outside, I would have not been allowed in, and would not have had access to my girls during their frightening experience.

Another thankful moment – as Kennedi is continuing to heal from her knee injury – a twisted ankle, a bad fall, being stepped on, etc. during the stampede could have re-injured her knee.

I shared on social media that I never went into Flight Mode during the entire ordeal – I never felt my heart rate or breathing increase. I had lives that were important to me, and I went into a Spiritual Fight Mode, knowing that I had authority and power against the danger that we were facing.

After the chaos died down, God had another blessing in store for us… I’ll share that with you next week.


As a Believer, do you believe in angelic protection? The next time you find yourself in trouble, call out to your angels for assistance – whether it’s just lost keys, or a dire situation. You have help ready and available to you – use it!

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…


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4 thoughts on “Angelic Bodyguards on Duty

  1. Again, another post that truly speaks to me! I continuously call out to our angels and in our daily prayer I show the kids how to call out for their own angelic protection. It’s amazing that as believers some of us know the Word and pray daily but it sometimes is lost when we encounter a frightening and fearful event. I’m glad that you had peace throughout this situation and you were able to demonstrate that example for the girls. Our children take our cues from us as their parents and showing them how to “respond” to a situation like this will absolutely do wonders for their walk with God! Love you and appreciate you sis and thank you for your continued transparency.

    1. Amen! That’s very true – sometimes our natural/human nature takes over and our response is based off emotion. Responding in the spirit (and not the natural) definitely is a work in progress, and does not come overnight, but it does become easier and easier the more we practice it and work our faith. Love you too and thank you for your continued support!

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