Who Will You Tell?

After the melee (see last week’s post), things had somewhat settled down in Dave & Buster’s, we figured it was best to stay in the facility since it was still on lock-down. To soothe the kids’ nerves, we allowed them to go back and play and get prizes for their tickets. I noticed one of … Continue reading Who Will You Tell?

Angelic Bodyguards on Duty

Last week’s Blog on angelic protection (found here) was so timely - only a few days later… This past weekend we attended the Capitol Hill Volleyball Classic, which took place at the Convention Center in Washington, DC. This tournament drew thousands of players from 20 different states, and we were excited to see Kassadi play, … Continue reading Angelic Bodyguards on Duty

Working Hard to Be Still

Each Wednesday, I feel a burden lift off me, at least for a day or two, as I feel like I’ve completed one of my ministry assignments after a blog is posted. Some weeks people will reach out and comment specifically on something I’ve written, and how it encouraged them, and other weeks it will … Continue reading Working Hard to Be Still