Guardians of the Mind

Last week I was surprised on Social Media, learning that I had won tickets from Faith on the Field for a concert with the Christian band, Unspoken. A few weeks earlier, I had joined the mailing list as their ministry resonated with me – Faith on the Faith is a radio talk show and blog that features Christian athletes that share their faith on and off the field.

As my family is deeply intertwined with sports in numerous ways, the message of Faith on the Field completely reflects my desire for our family to lift up Jesus through our participation in sports.

Back to the tickets – we were informed about winning the drawing a few days before the concert, but I already had (what I thought were) pretty important plans for the weekend. Well, the plans fell through due to a miss on my part, and suddenly we were free to attend the concert.

I thought it would be a good idea to get some Mother/Daughter time in with Kennedi, since I had spent the previous weekend with Kassadi in Richmond. We weren’t very familiar with Unspoken’s songs, with the exception of Good Fight, which is featured on the trailer of The War Room movie, a family favorite.

We listened to a couple of their songs on Spotify and got pretty excited about attending the concert as we loved the worship songs we had heard. Once the concert started, the big screen behind the band had several of the song lyrics flashing as the band sang. I can still visually see those words in my head as I’ve continued to sing the songs every day after the concert. I don’t think I would have remembered the words as vividly, if not for that visual aide.

Remember the old Sunday School song – “Oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh be careful little ears what you hear”? That song means so much more to me as a parent. Sometimes I cringe when I hear songs from my younger years that I used to enthusiastically sing along with. If I heard some of those words come out of my daughters’ mouths, I would be probably be horrified.

Sharing that experience with my daughter, where we both sang, and danced, and cried, and praised to those life-giving words from Unspoken, helped promote this week’s Defensive Strategy, to be gatekeepers of what we allow in our minds. This can have a huge impact on how we respond to our current situations, assess our current condition, and make choices for future actions.

Our children have so much coming at them, between TV, radio, print media, and social media along with pressure from their peers. I’m reading more and more about young people struggling with depression and suicide, and it’s heartbreaking. And it really does start with their minds and how they are processing information and the data they are exposed to.

As a parent, there is no way I can 100% police what my daughter watches or listens to, but I want to ensure that she is listening to words that are edifying her mind and promoting good choices. And the words we sang out that night had a huge impact on her. She cried on my shoulder after Chad Mattson sang the lyrics to Mistakes, a song he wrote for his son. She also loved the song Call It Grace, as she shared that she’s been feeling God’s grace very strongly lately. She even wanted to buy a Grace shirt as a reminder (but they didn’t have her size – UGH!)

Next was my turn to cry when they sang Miracle: “Don’t you give up on a miracle! You’ve got to speak to the impossible. You got to pray till your breakthrough breaks through the ceiling, keep on believing, don’t you give up…” I leaned over to Kennedi to tell her she was my Miracle.

We left the concert with our bond tighter and our faith strengthened. I will keep playing their music in my car, on my phone, and in our home, as I know the power of keeping my mind focused on God and singing His praises. It brings healing, deliverance, joy, and peace. And when you have all of that flowing through you, your enemy has a tough battle ahead of him. Let’s make it a priority to guard own minds and shut him down!


Are you a responsible gatekeeper of your mind: What are you allowing your eyes to see and your ears to hear?

Are your TV shows, movies, and music helping you in your current challenge? Or are they hindering you? Do they ultimate lead you to God? Or away from Him?

How do you feel after watching/listening? Peaceful and joyful? Depressed and hopeless? Unsettled and unsatisfied? Somewhere in between?

What are some ways you can be more responsible about guarding your mind? Is there anything you need to stop watching or listening to?

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

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