Even the Little Things

We had been car shopping, and a dealer was nice enough to let us test drive an SUV for the weekend. I cheerily chatted with our sales guy while waiting for the truck to get ready and learned a bit about him. He was an alumnus of the school where my husband worked, and they made a connection as well.

It was taking longer than I expected, and I was now late for an appointment, but I made sure my disposition didn’t show my annoyance, as I remained friendly. Once the vehicle was finally finished, I transitioned my items from my car and went off on my journey, hoping to make up some lost time.

To my error, I didn’t bother to look at the gas gauge, because I figured if the dealer was giving me the car for the weekend, he would at least have provided a 1/2 tank of gas, right?

I didn’t realize there was hardly any gas in the car until the low fuel indicator illuminated on the dashboard. I had about an hour left in my journey and was on a back, country road that didn’t appear to have a station for miles. I checked my gas app, and no stations appeared within the distance of miles left until empty.

Immediately, I started to panic. I quickly got a hold of myself and called out to my Heavenly Father, pleading for assistance.

I soon came upon a traffic light, and a road I was vaguely familiar with. I had never noticed a gas station from my previous travels, but still turned to see where it would take me. To my astonishment, there was a gas station about a mile down that road!

But the gas price was significantly higher than it had been near the dealership I had left only 30 minutes earlier. I was upset that I had to pay extra money – annoyed at myself for not checking the gauge, and livid at the salesperson for not putting the gas in OR alerting me to the low tank.

As I was driving away and still steaming, the Holy Spirit checked me. I had just prayed for gas and it immediately showed up unexpectedly. Why was I not rejoicing in that provision? Why was I acting like an entitled brat because I spent more than I anticipated?

I almost missed the magnitude of the answer to my prayer because I was still in selfish mode. Then I asked myself, are you the daughter of the Most High King? Would a Princess act like that? Won’t the fact that she is Royalty result in all her needs being met?

I repented for my behavior and thanked the Lord for taking care of me and not causing me to be stranded. I thanked him for being patient with me and lovingly correcting me.

It was a great reminder for today’s Play Prediction. No matter what situation I find myself in – whether it’s my fault or not, I can always trust that God will supply whatever it is that I need. I hope next time I find myself in a place of need, instead of panicking, I will immediately remember to just look to my Father for the provision He already has waiting for me.


What are you in need of today?

Do you believe that God can and will provide for you?

Can you stop worrying and trying to figure out how to get what you need, and look to your Heavenly Father, who is also the Most High King?

How would your thinking change if you knew you were Royalty?

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

5 thoughts on “Even the Little Things

  1. I have had a mind shift in order for this to become my truth. I have to actually say things out loud and this has helped me to not only hear it , but also anchor it it in my spirit. So for example “I expect to make it to a gas station before I run out of gas and I thank you already Lord for showing me the road in which I should be traveling” It may sound crazy, but this has been the foundation for what I speak into my life on a daily basis. “I expect these things” because i am royalty and HE my Father will supply those things.

    1. JDubb – so in essence you are speaking into your future! Not just praying for something, but immediately shifting into expecting what you just prayed for and verbalizing it.

      I love that mindset and will remember to do the same. Thanks for sharing!

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