Stuck in the Waiting Room

July 14, 2018

We camped out in the family room all weekend as we waited for the office to open on Monday. We set up an area on the couch where Kennedi could be comfortable while reclining her leg. I set my phone alarm to ensure her medication was taken regularly, and we iced her leg continuously. And we waited for Monday to come.

We talked, we slept, we ate, we watched movies – as an unexpected blessing, we were able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of our lives, and just spend quiet and quality time together. I had to continuously force myself not to get sad when I thought about WHY we had this free time together, and just continue to trust in God’s plan. Despite not knowing the future, we continued to stand by faith that Kennedi would not need surgery.

On Sunday evening, I left an urgent message on the voicemail of the doctor’s office, explaining Kennedi’s injury, along with the details of her testing and results. I requested a call back as soon as possible. As I hung up, I whispered a quick prayer request for favor with the office.

I planned on calling the office again Monday morning once it opened, but to my surprise, the phone rang 30 minutes prior to opening time. The gracious receptionist took all my information and details and promised someone would call me back.

About an hour later, I received a call from the office – Monday was the Doctor’s surgery day and he normally didn’t take appointments, but he would see us in between surgeries if we were OK with waiting. We packed Kennedi up and hung out in the waiting room for about an hour, laughing and joking while trying to keep our spirits high.

When we were finally seen, the Doctor meticulously examined the MRI and X-ray, and then completed a painful but thorough examination of Kennedi’s knee. Upon completion, he informed us that of the 4 knee ligaments – anterior cruciate (ACL), posterior cruciate (PCL), medial collateral (MCL), and lateral collateral (LCL) – the PCL injury was the least common, but he’d treated highly competitive young athletes who had returned to competing at the same level prior to the injury!

He couldn’t make any promises that surgery wasn’t needed, as Kennedi still had too much swelling. We had to come back in another week, so he could examine her again. So more waiting. More trusting. More attacks of fear to fight off.

While we waited, I reached out to friends for prayer, read my Bible, books, and devotionals, played encouraging and uplifting music, and prayed continuously. My faith grew stronger as I focused on God, determined to place my faith completely in Him during this dark period. I had to be careful of what I allowed into my mind – as that was Ground Zero for my enemy’s attacks. But he came for the wrong family…

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Waiting with patience is such a hard virtue, especially when you have been waiting years for an answer to prayer or when you’re facing a potentially life-changing situation. We must be reminded that God is carefully monitoring our situation, and nothing happens outside of His control. So, if we say we truly trust God, then in those periods of waiting, we must seek Him to understand what we are to learn through the waiting. And as we wait, we can expect His strength to carry us until our name is called. As you’re waiting, which friends you can call to pray for you and stand in faith with you? What can you listen to or read that will provide encouragement?

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3 thoughts on “Stuck in the Waiting Room

  1. I feel so grateful that I have my Mom and Grandmother to call on when I need prayer! I have been covered by a long line of STRONG praying women. I have only just recently learned to align myself with peers that can do the same for me and with me in those times that patience seems to hard to bear. When life gets a little too hard I love knowing that I can give the heavy lifting to The Lord, knowing that if he brought me to it he will sure bring me through it!

    Surrendering control is just the hardest part, which im sure you experienced during what seemed like the longest weekend waiting to speak to the Dr about Kennedi.

    Its so AMAZING seeing how The Father teaches us all his principles in so many different ways. Thank you for sharing your message and please continue allowing God to use you to spread the message of his INFINITE Protection and Grace.

    1. Amen Jalia! Having a strong prayer team and support system is so beneficial, especially when we are in the middle of a storm. We have to constantly give our cares over to the Lord, and do our best to leave them there! He truly does care about us SO much!

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