We Are Never Powerless

On July 13, 2018, after a fitful night of sleep, we woke up Kennedi as we were able to get an early-morning appointment with our pediatric-orthopedic doctor. We had all slept in the family room as it had been the most convenient place to get her as comfortable as possible.

With my alarm going off every 3 hours to administer pain medication, I alternated between helping Kennedi re-adjust her leg when her current position became too painful, assisting her to the bathroom, and listening for the light snore to confirm she had drifted to sleep and was able to temporarily escape the pain. Needless to say, I didn’t get much rest that night, and for many nights to come as this would become routine.

That morning, we attempted to get her up the stairs, so we could get her cleaned up for her appointment. She still had on her track uniform with the wrinkled bib number and sand from the pit still clung to her body at various parts. Dried tears still stained her face and her messy hair stuck out every which way.

We got halfway up the stairs when Kennedi started screaming out that she couldn’t go further and was in too much pain. So, we sat her down on the steps and to our horror, she started blacking out, with her eyes rolling around and her body falling limp.

Panicked, I told my husband to call 911, as I started calling out her name AND the name of Jesus. “Kennedi, WAKE UP! I plead the blood of Jesus over you! The blood, THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!” I knew there was power in the blood and name of Jesus, so once again, I found myself desperately imploring for that power.

As this went on for a couple of minutes with no improvement in her condition, I felt a righteousness indignation growing inside of me. I knew I had been given spiritual authority to change situations. I knew I didn’t have to just accept whatever circumstances I found myself in.

Today’s Steady State Verse informs us that we have dominion over the works of God’s hands. To have dominion over something means to have control. Now this doesn’t mean that we can just go around telling anyone what to do or have a magic wand and can just wish for things to happen.

But it does mean that when we have a relationship with God (and don’t just claim to practice religion), and our desires fall in line with His – we can speak change to things that we know are not of God. Pain, sickness, injury, death, and destruction are all a result of a sin-infested world and were not in His original plan for mankind. We don’t have to accept them as our final reality.

So, I spoke today’s verse directly to my daughter: “Kennedi – as you are the work of God’s hands, I have been given dominion over you, and I command you to WAKE UP!” I kept repeating this while calling out the name of Jesus until her eyes were finally able to focus and she could hold her head up and respond to my voice.

By the time the police and the EMTs arrived, she was stable, and we declined the ambulance to the hospital as all her vitals were showing normal. We were advised to continue straight for our scheduled appointment.

We never did get her up the stairs, not until weeks later. We got her ready as best we could, and then headed out for what would be another long day of examinations, testing, and eventually another ER visit. We would continue to fight each battle as they came…

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All members of #teamJesus have been given spiritual authority over everything we can see or feel; and even those things in the earth that we can’t – anything created by God (according to Psalms 8:6).

What is keeping you up at night? What do you feel like you are powerless against? God has given us the power to overcome the challenges and sources of pain in our lives. Are you using the dominion that has been given to you through the Word of God? Commit today to studying the Bible and learning some of the promises that our Heavenly Father made to us. And then start utilizing dominion over your situations!

Feel free to share your response in the comments section…

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  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing. For me, it is easy to speak into my situation, but it’s the pressing & consistency of speaking that I’m working on. Just as you were relentless in declaring over Kennedi, we need to be relentless when we speak over each area of our lives. Thanks for reminding me!!

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