Impacting Your Future With Words

July 12, 2018

By the time I reached the long jump pit, my heart dropped as my daughter cried out and writhed in pain. Over the years I had witnessed her experience injuries while competing, but nothing ever like this. As she kept repeating how much it hurt, I declared my normal response to an injury situation, “You are the healthy, healed, and whole child of God, resisting sickness, disease, injury and death. You walk in divine health”. That was a faith declaration that we learned at our church, Victory in Christ Christian Center (we added on to it!) and we repeated it regularly.

When we reflected on the incident later, my husband shared with me that she was declaring those same words through her tears once he reached her at the onset of the injury. I felt Godly proud that she knew to speak over herself, without my instruction. That is one of my missions as a mother – to ensure my children know how to respond with words of faith while experiencing challenges in life as they grow into adulthood.

While she was being tended to by the medical personnel on site, I kept speaking these faith-filled words and pleading the blood of Jesus over her. I didn’t care who was around, what they thought, or what they believed. This was MY child, and I was determined to fight against this injury in the spiritual realm, while she was being cared for in the physical realm. Her future depended on it!

As I rode in the front of the ambulance to the hospital, I continued to fight with my words. I was still determined not to give fear an inch of my mind to invade. I noticed all curious and staring eyes following as we drove by with the sirens blaring and had to keep redirecting my thoughts to prayer and declarations. “Thank you God, that my daughter is going to be alright, thank you that nothing is broken, and thank you for your amazing plan for her life.”

I had no idea what the tests would show once we got to the emergency room, but I knew that I had a right to make my requests and desires known before my heavenly Father. And I did so boldly, knowing that my faith would cause Him to respond on Kennedi’s behalf. Once we got the report that there was nothing broken, we rejoiced in this victory, but knew the battle wasn’t over, as an MRI would still be needed.

Today’s Formation scripture was critical to Kennedi’s future – I could choose to speak negatively in response to what I saw (speak death and/or curses), or I could speak words of Faith even though they were not evident to my senses. In front of me, I could see and hear that she had a serious medical situation, but I consciously chose to speak life and blessings over her. Proverbs 18:21 states, Death and life are in the power of the tongue (NKJV). In our humanity, it’s difficult to speak in contradiction to what our physical senses are observing – clearly Kennedi was not well at this point. But I was speaking into her unseen future, determined that this situation would end in victory.

The next day would require even more praying and faith declarations from us.

To follow Kennedi’s story, continue the next blog here.


What words are you speaking over your current battle or troubling situation? Are you expecting a negative outcome? Are you verbalizing your acceptance of those negative thoughts? In what ways can you speak differently? I challenge you to speak life and blessings into that situation, regardless of what the facts are indicating.

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14 thoughts on “Impacting Your Future With Words

  1. So, so good! And, very true. Faith is not based on what we see, but it’s difficult to speak what we don’t see. We have to be so intentional about speaking words of faith regardless of what we’re looking at! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. This blog is inspiring me to reconnect my daily life with my faith. Thank you so much for courageously posting!

  3. To God Be The Glory, thanks so much for being so transparent in your faith. It’s very encouraging to me to continuously to put my Faith in action. I speak life over every aspect of my life.

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