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As a family of Christian athletes, we have faced many challenges on and off the field. A devastating track and field injury to our oldest daughter, Kennedi, led to the creation of Destined 4 the Dub.

We welcome you on our journey of faith, healing, and victory!

Off the field we also face many challenges in life. But we don’t have to experience defeat from any of those difficulties as we have a special gift from God – His PLAYBOOK!

The Holy Bible is a Spiritual Playbook full of strategies, warnings, instructions and guidance to help us face and overcome any and every challenge we face in life.

Join us as we learn how to be victorious – and get the DUB, no matter what we face in life – on or off the field!

What’s a DUB?

Dub is another way to say win or victory. Start with the letter W for Win and…

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A Different Look at Death

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled series of Faith-Filled Moms because my friend Shari passed away from cancer less than twenty-four hours after my first guest blog about Faith-Filled Moms and Fighting Cancer was posted.  My friend had valiantly fought her sickness for years. She believed God was going to heal her. And so did I. We … Continue reading A Different Look at Death

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